MBBS in Georgia in English

Study MBBS in Georgia in English

International students who desire to study MBBS in English in Georgia have many National

medical council (NMC) recognized universities per their requirements and plans.

Georgia has a literacy rate of 100% and is the only society where educators have made a name for themselves internationally.

Georgia’s government has taken several measures to boost the quality of its public¬†education. Because of this, primary education is cheap, and medical universities are too.

The tuition fees for an MBBS programme in Georgia are far lower than they would be at a private university in native.

MBBS in Georgia - Apply for 2023 Admission

MBBS study programme in Georgia in English

The 5+1 year English taught MBBS in Georgia meets the requirement internationally for licensing worldwide. MBBS programmes are among the best in the world since all universities in the state have provincial facilities, qualified faculty, and stimulating classroom environments.

Earning an MBBS degree from any of Georgia’s universities, Training for a license allows¬†work in any nation, regardless of where they set their practice.

In addition to being a more inexpensive option, studying MBBS in Georgia does not include taking any standardized tests, such as the International English Language Testing System.

(IELTS). You will be admitted if you have a high enough GPA from high school.

MBBS study fees in Georgia in English

Many students want the fees of an MBBS in Georgia to be comparable to other European countries.

The tuition fee might charge $4,000 per year. Less and more are dependent on the specific medical student. 

In Georgia, a student should expect to pay between $38,000 and $51,000 to complete a six- year MBBS programme, with the actual cost depending on factors such as housing, travel, and other living expenses. 

Student accommodation expenses might be charged between $200-$400 per month, enough to cover rent or a dorm room, food, and other necessities.

In Georgia, particularly in MBBS and public health, prospective students can relax knowing they will receive an excellent education.

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MBBS study eligibility in Georgia in English

International students must complete their senior secondary school education or an equivalent qualification recognized by the Georgian ministry of education and science.

Most medical universities in Georgia teach in English, so individuals must have a good command of English.

The minimum age to apply for MBBS in Georgia is 17 years, and the maximum age limit may vary from one university to another.

To learn more about MBBS in Georgia, you can read our other articles on MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students, MBBS in Georgia Fees, and MBBS in Georgia Universities for International Students.

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