MBBS in Romania Requirments for Indian Students

For those international students who find medical universities in their home country prohibitively expensive, Romanian medical universities offer low-cost universities for medicine and other health science programmes. 

Worldwide institutions and medical councils accept Romanian medical degrees!

But the question is: What are the requirements to study MBBS in Romania?


Requirements to study MBBS in Romania

  1. Students applying for medical universities in Romania should be above 17 years of age and below 25 years to study MBBS Romania.
  2. Students must pass their 12th standard with a science subject group.
  3. A valid passport is mandatory for international students applying to study medicine in Romania.
  4. Romanian universities look for at least 50% marks in the 12th grade. Better marks make better outcomes.
  5. Students from India need to sit and pass the NEET exam with at least 50% marks.
  6. The admission team check Biology, chemistry and physics marks separately while considering the individual applications.

Document requirements to study MBBS in Romania

  1. The scanned copies of the 10th and 12th standard mark sheets are mandatory while applying for MBBS admission in Romania.
  2. Students must provide a NEET scorecard to Romanian universities.
  3. A Curriculum Vitae/CV is necessary for admission to a Romanian medical university. 

Additional document requirements to study MBBS in Romania

International students must have medical and health insurance as a prerequisite and be available to provide on demand.

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MBBS in Romania Requirments - KCR


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