Medicine in Romania in English

Study Medicine in Romania in English 

The education system of Romania is constantly progressing and getting better to adapt to the better practices of Europe.

In addition, colleges and universities invest a lot in innovations to keep them up to date with the most recent advancements in the medical market. Many Medical universities teach in English in the capital city, Bucharest, and the surrounding towns of Romania.

Regarding tuition fees, medical universities in Romania compete to provide the best education, even with many other universities on the continent.

The tuition fee costs 6000-8000 EUR annually, considering it affordable to many international students. Romania’s cost of living is lower than the other countries in the European Union area.¬†

Why Study Medicine in Romania in English?

Romania is among the best choices for international students seeking English-taught medical education in Europe.

Medical universities in Romania are up to date regarding their infrastructure, facilities, and hospitals with cutting-edge modern equipment and technology.

International medical aspirants can choose a study programme in Romania in English, Romanian, or French.

Romanian medical universities don’t ask applicants to sit any entrance exam. The medical degree, M.D., they earn after completing a medical course at a medical university in Romania will be recognized worldwide to proceed with the registration formalities of the respective countries.¬†

Medicine in Romania in English - Apply

Medical Universities in Romania in English

Carol Davila University of Medicine of Bucharest

The Carol Davila University is an advanced research and education university in Bucharest with a 6-year MBBS degree. Carol Davila University’s medical studies cost 6608 to 7000 EUR per year. The entry criteria for an international student is to pass biology and chemistry subjects in the final three years of high school with an English test.

No entrance exam is required. 

Ovidius University of Constanta

The Ovidius University of Constanta also offers applications for a 6-year MBBS programme for 4406 EUR yearly in July and September. The entry criteria for international students are to pass biology and chemistry in the final three years of high school and the English test. No entrance exam is required. 

Titu Maiorescu University of Medicine and Dentistry.

The Titu Maiorescu University of medicine and dentistry is a private university in Bucharest that also offers two applications in July and September for a 6-year MBBS degree.

Medical fees for non-EU students at Titu Maiorescu university may cost 7489 to 10000 EUR per year. Students need to pass biology and chemistry in high school and require basic entry tests in science and English subjects. 

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Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine.

The Grigore T. Popa university offers a WFME-accredited medical degree and an English- taught programme in medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. The university charges 6608 EUR annually for an MBBS degree for six years. Students can enrol here without any entrance exam; just evaluation is based on school grades, certificates and personal achievements. 

Luliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

The Luliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy is the oldest in Romania. It offers a 6-year MBBS programme at the cost of 6600 to 7500 EUR per year.

Students can enrol with good marks in biology and chemistry and a third subject in their high school certificate.

No entrance exam is required for English-speaking countries. 

The University of Medicine of Craiova.

The university of medicine and pharmacy, Craiova, costs 5287 to 6000 EUR per year for a 6-year MBBS degree. Students must have cleared 12th standard with 50% marks in science subjects. No entrance exam is required for international students.

Medicine in Romania in English


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