What Transportation Ticket Can You Use in Berlin as a Berlin International College Student

What kind of transit pass is valid in Berlin for students at the Berlin International College?

Transportation in Germany is generally costly. That’s Why students at German public universities prefer a semester ticket by paying a semester contribution/fee to the students union. The semester ticket allows them to travel free by any public transportation system in the city/state where the university is situated.

Berlin is one of the most expensive cities in Germany. And since students at Berlin international college have no access to the student ticket of a university, they should choose one of the options below.

Reduced monthly ticket as a “Schüler” for students of Berlin International College.

You must have a student card issued by your School to qualify for a discounted monthly ticket. 

You should complete your enrolment procedure and provide a biometric picture for a student card from Berlin International College. 

You can buy a reduced monthly ticket at Einkaufsbahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz, at Alexanderpl., 10178 Berlin, by visiting their office in person. Before visiting Berlin International College, you should have obtained a student card.

You can locate the BVG centre in the underground of the Alexanderplatz S-Bahn station.

Berlin as a Berlin International College Student

ABO Berlin and Public transport ticket for 12 months or per month!

Berlin has three main zones, A, B, and C.

Zone AB is most suitable for Berlin International College Students as you need to use public transport for these two zones. Zone C, for example, covers areas like Potsdam or where the airport is situated.

But as you would only need to go to the airport sometimes, buying a ticket only for zone AB is best suggested.

You can buy an extension ticket for zone C separately whenever you need to go to the airport. 

VBB Eco-Ticket for zone AB costs a monthly payment of €63.42 or €728 for 12 months.

You may buy it online through the following link: https://abo.bvg.de/de/subscriber/order?product=A_UMW.

You can also buy it personally at the BVG centre in Alexanderplatz in  Einkaufsbahnhof Berlin Alexanderplatz at Alexanderpl., 10178 Berlin.

Apart from the student card from Berlin International College, you will also need a bank account in Germany.

You may find information in detail in English from the following link. https://www.bvg.de/en/tickets-tariffs/subscriptions

Berlin International College

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