Register with the NMC and qualify for a nurse job in the UK

Register with the NMC and qualify for a nurse job in the UK

As the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of the frontline warriors has become more prominent. The pandemic has undoubtedly inspired several youngsters to pursue nursing as a career. 

The demand for nursing professionals has increased many folds across the world. Many professionals look up to work in the United Kingdom. Abundant opportunities, attractive packages, adaptable culture, and support appeal to qualified nurses who aspire to work in the UK.

As appealing as it is, certain requirements need to be taken care of by the overseas applicant. The most significant step to qualify for a nurse job in the UK is to register with the 

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). 

If you are wondering how to register with the NMC, here we are, with all the details you need. In this post, we will elaborate on registering with the NMC and qualify for a nurse job in the UK.

What is the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)?

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the organ that regulates the nursing and midwifery professions in the UK. It maintains a register of all the 

  • Specialist Community Public Health Nurses and nursing associates( SCPHN)¬†
  • Nurses and¬†Midwives¬†¬†
  • Registration of Nurses

All the nurses who work in the UK must be registered with the NMC. The body regulates around 660,000 nurses across the United Kingdom.

Medical nurse explaining diagnosis to handicapped senior woman patient

How to register with the NMC and qualify for a nurse job in the UK?

The NMC has a set of standards on the education, training, performance, and conduct of these professionals. Follow the step by step guide to register with the NMC and qualify for a nurse job in the UK.

Step 1- Check If You Are Ready To Register. 

Gather the required documents and evidence that NMC requires.

A. Valid Passport :

You should have a valid passport. At the time of submission of application, the passport should have more than three months to expiry.  NMC verifies the identity of the applicant using the passport details

B. Educational qualification

To register with the NMC and qualify for a nurse job in the UK, you must be a nurse with a three-year degree or a diploma in nursing which is equivalent to a Level 1 nurse in the UK. You need to upload a copy of your qualification certificate and details about the educational institution.

C. Evidence to prove language ability

NMC requires information about your language abilities. Make sure you have one form of evidence accepted by NMC. 

  • Evidence of English language proficiency tests accepted by NMS – IELTS or OET¬†
  • Evidence of your training in nursing, which was taught and evaluated in English¬†
  • Evidence to show recent experience of one year in a Majority English Speaking country¬†
D. Health Evidence

NMC requires information on your health to ensure effective and safe practice in the UK. Hence you need to provide a self-declaration about your health, documents that comment on your disability or health condition if any. You may have to provide the contact details of  a registered medical practitioner to provide a supporting declaration about your health

E. Character Evidence 

NMC asks for some information about your character to ensure that people applying for registration are of good character. You need to provide a self-declaration about your character; in case of any offense or conviction, you must provide the details of it and provide police clearance from the country you have lived in for twelve months or more. You also need to nominate someone to make a supporting character declaration.

F. Professional Indemnity Arrangement

NMC requires the applicants to have an appropriate indemnity arrangement to practice in the UK. You are required to declare that you have (or will have) appropriate indemnity cover.

Follow the checklist of evidence.

Make sure you have the below-mentioned pieces of evidence to proceed with the application to register with the NMC and work as a nurse in the UK

  • Proof of identity ( Valid passport details )
  • Proof of educational qualification¬†
  • Health evidence
  • Character evidence
  • Proof of language proficiency¬†
  • Confirmation of professional indemnity cover

Job application interview in a modern office

Step 2 – Begin with your application.

Once you gather all the documents and are sure that you are ready to apply, the next step is to proceed with the application. You can register as a nurse( trained outside the UK ) from the NMC website here.

After choosing your nursing field, you will have to answer a few questions on your nationality, training, and the country you are trained in. These questions will direct you to the correct route to register.

A. Online NMC account

The important task that follows is to create an online NMC account by filling in some details. Once your NMC account is created and verified, you can use the account to fill the rest of your application and track progress. 

B. Submit Evidence of Identity 

Login to your NMC online account and submit your Evidence of Identity. 

  • Submit your passport details
  • Upload the copy of your passport
C. Submit Qualification and Registration Evidence

To verify your qualification and registration details, 

  • Upload your qualification certificates that clearly states your name, the name of the course, and proof of course completion
  • ¬†The name, address, and contact information about the education institution ( If you are not a registered practitioner)
  • ¬†If you are a registered practitioner, submit details about the regulatory body that you are registered with.
D. Evaluation Fee

At this stage, you have to pay the £140 qualification evaluation fee.

You will be able to apply only after paying the evaluation fee. Please note that the evaluation fee is not refundable.

Before applying, make sure that all the details are given correctly so that there is no delay.

E. The Evaluation Process

When the evaluation fee is paid and submitted, the NMC begins evaluating your application. They will

  • Contact your regulator to verify your qualification and registration
  • Check if your qualification meets their eligibility criteria
  • Contact you through the mail if any information is incomplete or unclear

The outcome of the evaluation will be mailed to you within two weeks. Please note that your application will not be accepted if you do not meet their eligibility criteria regarding qualification or registration.

F. Share your application status

Using your NMC online account, you can share your application status with someone who may support your registration application. You can nominate up to three third parties to view your application status.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Step 3- Test of Competence

Upon evaluation, if you meet the eligibility criteria, the NMC confirms that you are eligible to apply for registering with them. The next step is to take the Test of Competence.

The Test of Competence enables the NMC to assess the knowledge and skills of people applying to join their register from overseas. It also tests the competence of people who re-join their register after a long period away from their practice.

Who should take the Test of Competence?

You will need to take the Test of Competence if you are

  • Applying for initial registration after getting trained outside the United Kingdom or England for applications for nursing associates
  • Applying for readmission

There are two parts to the Test of Competence

  • Part One ‚Äď Computer Based Test ( CBT)
  • Part Two – Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

Changes in the Test of Competence from August 2021

The NMC has brought in some changes in the Test of Competence (ToC) and will begin testing the candidates with the new ToC from 2nd August 2021. 

Here, we have provided details about the new ToC. Please check out the NMC website to know more about the Changes in the Test of Competence that reflect the NMC’s new Standards for nurses.

Part One ‚Äď Computer Based Test ( CTC)- New structure

The new CBT is conducted in two parts. 

  • Part A- Numeracy¬†
  • Part B – Clinical questions for nursing or midwifery.

The fee for taking both parts of the new CBT is £83.

Retaking only Part A will cost you £50 while Part B only will cost £70

NMC’s authorised test centre Pearson VUE has test centres in most countries across the world. After receiving confirmation from NMC about taking the test, you can directly book the test through Pearson VUE.¬†

Bookings for the new CBT start from 19th July.  

If you book before 18th July, you can appear for the current CBT only.

Check out practice sheets for the new CBT at¬† Pearson VUE’s website.

Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

The second part of the Test of Competence is the Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) that tests your clinical and communication skills.

As per the new structure, the OSCE has ten stations:

  • Four stations are linked around a scenario- one station each for Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (APIE)
  • Four stations test your skills.¬†
  • Two new stations test your values, behavior, and evidence-based practice.

The new OSCE fee is £794. The resit fee is £397 if you need to retake seven or fewer stations.

Check the NMC website for the Test of Competence Blueprints.

You can take CBT and OSCE in any order. However, both the tests must be completed successfully for registration.

Step 4- Complete Registration Application

At this stage, you need to submit other pieces of evidence that are listed below. 

A. Submit Health Evidence
  • ¬†Provide a self-declaration about your health
  • ¬†Submit documents that comment on your disability or health condition, if any.
  • ¬†Provide contact details of a registered medical practitioner to give a supporting declaration about your health
  • ¬†Remember to speak to your medical practitioner before submitting the application
B. Submit character evidence
  • Provide a self-declaration about your character
  • Submit details of the offense or conviction if any
  • Provide police clearance from the country you have lived in for twelve months or more
  • Provide contact details of your regulator, or recent employer, or educational institute to make a supporting declaration about your character
  • Remember to speak to them before you submit the application
C. Language Evidence 

Effective communication is very crucial in the health sector. Hence you are required to provide evidence to show your proficiency in English.  Provide one form of evidence to show your language abilities as given below

  1. Using English Proficiency Tests accepted by NMS
  2. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

If you have taken the IELTS test, you need to provide the certificate and the TRF number ( you will find this on the certificate ). NMS will verify your scores using the TRF number

  1. Occupational English Test (OET)

If you have taken the OET test, you need to provide the certificate and the candidate number for verification. Remember to permit NMS to verify your results through your my OET account.

Consider taking expert help for Language Training and Test Preparation.

2. Using Your Training 

Provide evidence to show details of your qualification taught and assessed in English. Transcripts of clinical interaction during your training in English can be submitted as evidence.

3. Using Registered Practice

Suppose you have practiced recently in a Majority English speaking country for at least one year. In that case, you can submit a copy of your registration certificate, along with details of your employer.

4. Confirm professional indemnity arrangement

Legally, everyone on the NMS register must have a suitable indemnity cover. You need to declare that you have appropriate indemnity cover, either a personal cover or provided by the employer. Check out the NMC website on Professional indemnity arrangements for more details.

5. Registration Fee

When you are ready to submit, a sum of £153 must be paid as a registration fee. You can submit the form only after the payment is made. This amount is refundable on specific terms and conditions.

Nurse examining ultrasonic monitor

Step 5 ‚ÄďEvaluation of the application and verification of information

Now it is the NMC’s work to contact your nominated referee to evaluate the details provided and verify the information. In case they find any incomplete or unclear information, they will contact you by email. You are recommended to provide maximum information so there is no delay in processing the application. 

NMC will assess your application within 30 days and notify you through mail about the decision and the steps ahead. You have a chance to appeal against the decision within 28 days.

register with nmc

Sounds confusing? Is that you need to wait to complete all the above mentioned formalities before attending a UK hospital interview online?

No, you may do both simultaneously.


You may attend an interview and then start the NMC registration process!


You may start the NMC process and look for an opportunity to attend an online interview conducted by aN NHS Trust hospital.

Do you know that there are hospitals in the UK that sponsor foreign educated nurses even by offering air tickets, visa fees, and also initial accommodation?

Do you know that hospitals sponsor only the nurse snot their family but still your family can accompany you?

Please fill the following information and submit

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