Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

Indian students are always keen to know if they are eligible for their preferred course in a foreign country.

This article will give you the complete list of requirements to study in Germany for Indian students.

Letā€™s go!Ā 

Requirements to study bachelorā€™s in Germany

You must clear your 12th-grade examinations with a minimum of 50% marks. This is the first of the requirements to study in Germany for Indian students after 12th.

You need a valid passport.

You must show your German proficiency to be eligible and understand the course teachings well.

If you opt for an English-taught course, you must present your skills in English proficiency (like IELTS and TOEFL).

You need a certain amount of money in your account to take care of your expenses in Germany until you get a stipend or part-time job money.Ā 

eligibility to Study in Germany for Indian Students

Requirements to study in Germany for masters

You need a relevant bachelorā€™s degree with good marks to apply for a masterā€™s in Germany. For example, if you are applying for a masterā€™s in computer science in Germany, you need a bachelorā€™s in computer science, IT, or any computer-related field to become eligible.

You should show your German proficiency (possibly an A2/B1/B2 level) as a language requirement. If you donā€™t fulfil this requirement, no worries! You can opt to study German in your home country or Germany!

If you are going for an English-taught masterā€™s course in Germany, you should show an IELTS score that meets their requirements.

You need a valid passport to enter Germany.

You must have some money in your account to meet your living expenses in Germany.

The applicant requires a motivational letter (or statement of purpose) for choosing their specific course.

Some courses might ask for relevant work experience.

Many universities require a letter of recommendation from a professor/lecturer in your previous university where you did your bachelorā€™s degree.

If you fulfil the above requirements to study masterā€™s in Germany, thatā€™s awesome!

Requirements to study nursing in Germany

A genuine curiosity about the field of nursing will be the first prerequisite. No one should be forced or coerced into becoming a nurse.

The first in the list of requirements to study in Germany for Indian students after 12th is that you require a 12th-grade clearance from a CBSE or State Board syllabus with commendable marks.

You should have a passport as that is essential.

Nurses will require a medical fitness certificate (MC) to prove they are fit and able to take up nursing tasks efficiently.

An updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) is another prerequisite.

A letter of motivation is needed to show your passion for pursuing your nursing course.

The requirements to study nursing in Germany for international students are fulfilled if you tick off every check box!Ā 

Requirements to study MS in Germany

A student who aspires to study MS in Germany needs a 50% minimum mark in their bachelorā€™s degree. The bachelorā€™s degree should be relevant to the course you wish to study for MS in Germany.

German universities offering an MS programme will usually ask for work experience as it might help you sit in a better place in future.

Many courses require you to intern at a German company or as a part-time student for a semester.

You have two intakes (summer and winter) to choose your MS course in Germany.

If you plan to go for MS in Germany in English, it is a competitive zone where only very few make it to the course. But if you are optimistic about your English skills, you can apply for an English-taught MS programme.

You can learn German in Germany before commencing your MS course.

Now you know what are the requirements to study MS in Germany.Ā 

Studying at a German Public University Free

Requirements to study MBA in Germany

First, you need a bachelorā€™s degree to study MBA in Germany.

Suppose you have a bachelorā€™s degree; cool! Do you have three years of work experience after completing your bachelorā€™s degree?

This is essential for a student who wants to pursue an MBA in Germany.

Suppose you have the required work experience; double cool!

Letā€™s say you donā€™t have work experience, but you did your bachelorā€™s degree in a related field like BBA or related to business administration. You donā€™t need work experience! You can directly enrol in a German university for an MBA course!

Now, isnā€™t that triple cool?

If you wish to pursue the MBA course in Germany in English, the probability of getting into a German university is relatively lesser than a German-medium course.

You will require a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 to increase your chances of landing an English-medium MBA course in Germany.

What are the requirements to study in Germany for MBA? You know now!Ā 

Requirements to study medicine in Germany

To get admitted to a university, you must first complete the prerequisite foundation course from a studienkolleg and pass the associated board examination (FSP).

Only when you complete the foundation (M) course in Germany can you enrol in a German university. Your studies will begin in German if the course is in German medium.Ā 

23,700 euros (12 months of well-furnished hostel accommodation, food allowance and foundation course fees) is the best choice for students who want to study medicine in Germany.

You donā€™t need any tuition fees to pursue medicine in Germany in German public universities. (you should consider miscellaneous expenses)

If you have pursued one year (two semesters) in your home country, you can directly apply to a German university where you can waive the Foundation course!

You can directly go for job training in Germany along with a monthly stipend through the Ausbildung programme (which has over 350 different occupations).Ā 

If you settle on an English-medium medicine course in Germany, you donā€™t have to undergo the foundation course. Students will begin to get acquainted with German when they are studying medicine.

If your English skills are excellent during the interview, you donā€™t need to show any IELTS score. (You have to pay tuition fees if you choose the English medium)

If you havenā€™t learnt math during high school and have good money, you can enrol in a medical course purely in English!Ā 

These are the requirements to study MBBS in Germany.Ā 

Requirements to study mechanical engineering in Germany

To succeed in an engineering degree programme, you need to be inquisitive, ask plenty of questions, seek answers, and refuse to give up until you find the one that logically and scientifically makes the most sense.

Having an interest in technology and being open to the effects of technological progress are crucial characteristics.

A minimum of 50% marks in your 12th-grade examinations is the first on the list of requirements to study in Germany for Indian students after 12th.

You also need to enrol in a foundation course if you have not met the required credits for your mechanical engineering course in Germany.Ā 

language requirement-KCR


Language requirements to study in Germany

Since Germany is a German-speaking nation, you ought to know German to survive and learn in Germany.

German language levels vary from A1 to C2 (A1 being the lowest and C2 being the highest).

German proficiency level requirements might vary depending on the university and the course. (Usually, a minimum of B2 is needed)

You donā€™t have to worry if you donā€™t know the German language. Germany offers their international students to learn German while staying in Germany.Ā Ā 

Trained professional German teachers will help you learn the language in a way to merge with German society and become one of them.

If you plan to do your course in Germany in English, you can do it!

You must remember that English-taught programmes are in high demand as numerous international students try for the same.Ā Ā 

Mostly, German universities will not ask for any English proficiency certificate if your English is outstanding.

Some universities might require an IELTS score of 6.5.

You can contact KCR CONSULTANTS to prepare for IELTS exam or IELTS coaching.

Contact KCR consultants

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Frequently asked questions

If you fulfil the above requirements to study in Germany for Indian students, any Indian can study in Germany after 12th.Ā 

A minimum of 50% marks is one of the primary requirements to study in Germany for Indian students after 12th.Ā 

That is where we come in. Experts at KCR CONSULTANTS will smoothly guide you through the entire admissions process.Ā 

You can go to Germany after the 12th without IELTS. German universities offering English-taught courses donā€™t mandatorily ask for an IELTS score if your English is commendable.

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7 thoughts on “Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students”

  1. Avatar of Simran

    I wish to study bachelor course in a german university. I have done Year 12 from CBSE board. Please let me know the procedure and details including fees, living expenses, minimum academic and IELTS requirements.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Simran,

      The programme I’m referring to here, a preparatory/foundation/studienkolleg is most suggested and advantageous to high school graduates from countries like India.

      Here A2 to C1 German language learning and the foundation will be completed in one year, and the following year you could be at the university attending the first year of your bachelor’s degree course.

      Once the foundation examination passes, it’s accepted by all the universities in Germany in case you wish to change the university.

      But the preparatory course I’m referring to here leads to an acceptance to study in one of Germany’s most prominent public universities.

      The preparatory course costs 25,200.EUR, and that covers your preparatory course tuition fees, all study materials and all exams during this period of the foundation course of one year, twelve months of furnished accommodation, 12 months of pocket money to cover your food and other necessary living expenses (370. EUR) per month, 12 months health insurance.

      The services start from meeting you at the airport on arrival and transfer to the accommodation etc.

      From the second year onwards, you don’t need to pay any tuition fees to the university for your bachelor’s degree studies.

      Since you had already completed one year in Germany before your university studies started, you will be better positioned to work part-time and earn to maintain your living expenses.

      If you don’t want to work, your parents should send you 500.EUR a month to cover your expenses.

  2. Avatar of Akash Sharma

    I have a question, I had chosen German as a foreign language course during my bachelor’s in tech (ECE). I studied German for four years, and I do have an additional certificate for that. Could you please tell me if this is admissible since my IELTS score is 7.5 (no issues there)? I love German, and I would like to study at a German university with an English medium.

    I would appreciate if you reach out to be @9953768693| Instagram: ecumenical_brute

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Akash,
      Sorry for theĀ late reply.
      Your credentialĀ sounds attractive to me, and German universities also should appreciate it.
      You haven’t mentioned your cumulative GPA here, considering the competitionĀ in public universities, a classroom of Indian students could be acceptedĀ to 1-5 students maximum to have a national mix, and they choose the highest marks holders from the applications received for that particularĀ intake.
      So it all depends on the CGPA you got in your Bachelor’s degree completed in India. Otherwise, of course, your profile will be found attractiveĀ by the universities.

  3. Avatar of Srijan

    I am a student from Nepal and wish to study Dentistry in Germany but my grades in 12 were not that good. I got 2.78/4.00 which is equivalent to 60-70%. I am aware that I have to do a foundation course before studying Dentistry in Germany. So my main question is will German universities accept me for Dentistry and provide me offer letter/invitation letter to continue my furthur visa process? Which grades will German universities prioritize more for admission in Dentistry? My 12th grades or my FSP exam grades (If I manage to get in one)? Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Srijan,
      We help our students like you are; we get them conditional university admission for a health science course, e.g., Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy, a foundation course and a languageĀ course admission.
      The conditional will be attending an M Foundation and passing the FSP exam.
      The language course will be for A1-C1 level, nine months which costs 8700.EUR and the subject-only based medical foundation course of eight months cost approximately 6500.EUR.
      You can apply to 25-30 public universities offering dentistry programmes for free ( no tuition fees charged) based on your FSP exam results clubbed with your 12th-year marks and the better proficiency you would have achieved by then in German.Ā 
      Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need my services.

      1. Avatar of Srijan

        Can you elaborate more on what is a conditional university admission? And what are fees you just mentioned? Arent the foundation course and language courses also free in Germany?

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