The Best Overseas Education Consultants In Trivandrum

Overseas Education Consultants In Trivandrum – The Simple Guide  

Good education in a foreign country and proper exposure can go a long way!  

Having stated that, each country or city has a different standard of education. Some may train you to qualify for a great career, while others may prepare you to study further and higher. 

Every person has a University wish list, which indicates what they like to study and what they wish to become. 

Some people may desire to travel to another country to give their dreams wings, while others may choose to explore opportunities closer to home. 

Some people choose universities based on the quality of education they deliver, while others choose universities based on their brand name. 

For example, the California Institute of Technology is ranked first among all universities worldwide, followed by Massachusetts University and Harvard. 

It would help if you had the proper guidance, advice, and a mentor to help you climb the hill and reach your destination. 

KCR CONSULTANTS could be your best choice as a group of counsellors and consultants with extensive knowledge and experience working together to realise the dream of youngsters like you. 

Consultants at KCR are international advisors with a global reach who are capable of assisting you in the correct direction. 

Study Abroad Consultants - KCR ConsultantsOverseas Education Consultants In Trivandrum – Over View 

Kerala is the nation’s most literate state, and Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, holds the top spot partly because of its highly educated labour force. Trivandrum’s literacy rate is 93.72 per cent. To top it all off, Trivandrum, Kerala’s education centre, is blessed with many universities, colleges and other educational institutions. 

In the current scenario, Trivandrum is the International Educational Hub in the making. It is encouraging to observe how quickly English education took hold in Trivandrum in 1834, how successfully it developed under favourable circumstances, and how it has already outgrown as one of the best education-providing districts in the state of Kerala. 

Further, to encourage students, skilled workers and professionals aspiring to study further, qualify to work and be licensed respectively, Trivandrum has many a gateway through which one can easily access worldwide opportunities. 

This article is shedding light on one such gateway that makes your journey to achieve your goal hassle-free. 

KCR CONSULTANTS excels in this area since you need a reliable specialist who will maintain a steady transition to your desired programme at a proper educational institution and location. For many years, KCR has assisted many in making their dreams come true. 

8 Benefits of Studying AbroadKCR CONSULTANTS 

In 2001, KCR made a modest beginning as a recruitment firm in Chennai authorised by India’s then-Labour Ministry. Since then, They have helped several professionals and skilled workers relocate to the UK, Europe, and many other countries by offering the career counselling and recruitment services. This continued until 2008, before diversifying the business activities to student counselling and admissions. 

Many successful applicants were prepared for their OET and IELTS exams at the Thiruvananthapuram centre. Many have availed the best services since the centre opened in Thiruvananthapuram in 2020 to provide various services to customers in Kerala. Many of them got admission to their choice of universities and programmes in the UK and Germany. 

Highly qualified teachers trained the aspirants to improve their English language skills and proficiency to meet the English language requirements of university admissions. 

In the city, only at KCR CONSULTANTS students were taught and prepared to attend the tests in the German language to qualify for admissions and visas, making them migrate and study in the German public universities. 

Health care professionals like medical doctors, dentists and nurses were trained to qualify for professional licensing in Germany. 

KCR was the only company announced first and introduced the apprenticeship training programme of Germany called Ausbildung to school levers in Kerala. It prepared them to qualify for this unique on-the-job training programme with a monthly stipend – a German state government-controlled programme newly introduced in 2020 to non-EU nationals. 

Open Doors to Top-Notch International Education with KCR CONSULTANTS. 

KCR is a group of experts who fully understand candidates’ potential and goals via frequent association with them from the day they visit the centre. 

KCR CONSULTANTS and its Transparent Process 

Whether you are a student, partner associate or referee, you should know the application process. To make sure you’re on the same page at all times, KCR offers concise and unambiguous feedback. 

For Learners:

Get comprehensive advice for your entire study abroad experience. 

To make it simple for you to enrol in your ideal foreign institution, KCR CONSULTANTS  assist you with test preparation, application submission, university counselling, visa processing, and many more. 

Individualised Career Assistance 

KCR CONSULTANTS has one of the openest, most knowledgeable, and most skilled counselling teams with a reputation for offering targeted and individualised counselling. By helping students choose their courses and career paths, the counsellors do all the necessary follow-ups to help them be accepted into programmes that perfectly match their interests, skills, credentials, and financial feasibility between course, university, and nation. 


  • International Education Consultant with over two decades of experience
  • Complete support in developing your English language skills and IELTS preparation.
  • A top provider of services for international education
  • A-Class Specialists in education counselling
  • Get professional advice on selecting the best course and university.
  • They offer their students a comprehensive selection of services and essential information under one roof, making them a “One Stop” consultant.
  • Their primary driving force is making sure their customers are satisfied and happy. They prioritise your needs and suggest what would be best and most reasonable for you. 

Contact KCR CONSULTANTS and prepare to relocate to the dynamic location of your choice and interest for better prospects.

You can prepare to experience other cultures and new languages and meet people from many different countries, making you flexible and developing a global perspective. This way, you will enhance your chances for a better future while demonstrating your adaptability and performance in a country where you spend a better phase of your life.

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