UG in Film and Motion Design in Germany

UG in Film and Motion Design in Germany: Pursue Excellence in Creativity at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences


Dive into the heart of digital creativity and storytelling by exploring an Undergraduate program UG Film and Motion Design in Germany at the prestigious University of Europe for Applied Sciences. This dynamic and comprehensive program is tailor-made for aspiring creatives eager to make their mark in film and motion graphics. Students are prepared to excel in this rapidly evolving field through state-of-the-art facilities and a curriculum fostering innovation.

Program Overview

Digital, interactive and temporal media increasingly shape our communication, thought processes and emotions. Mastering the ability to create and design within this diverse and pioneering field is among today’s most thrilling and progressive careers. By enrolling in the Film & Motion Design course, you’ll be at the forefront of these cutting-edge trends.

This hands-on program introduces you to the essential methods, concepts and techniques for crafting time-based media. You’ll explore everything from camera operations and sound design to analog stop-motion animation, CGI, 3D modeling, digital compositing, hybrid filmmaking and visual music, providing a broad creative canvas.¬†

Furthermore, you’ll gain insights into the multifaceted techniques of time-based media through instruction exclusively by esteemed professionals in the creative sector. You’ll have access to top-notch equipment, audio and video hardware and post-production and animation software here at UE to bring your creative visions to life.¬†

UG in Film and Motion Design in Germany - University of Europe for Applied Sciences - KCR CONSULTANTS - Program overview - Course details

Curriculum Highlights

A vital feature of the program is its comprehensive curriculum, which covers areas such as cinematography, scriptwriting, digital animation, video editing, and sound design. The course is designed to equip students with the technical skills required in the film and motion design industry and enhance their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Workshops, hands-on projects, and internships with leading companies further ensure that students gain valuable real-world experience.

Program Requirements 

Admission to the UG in Film and Motion Design program requires a high school diploma or equivalent, a portfolio showcasing creative work, and proficiency in English. Candidates may also be required to attend an interview during the selection process. The program is open to students from around the globe, offering a diverse and inclusive academic environment

Tuition Fees

Investing in your future at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences is a significant decision. The tuition fees for the UG in Film and Motion Design program reflect the premium quality education and facilities provided to students. For the academic year, tuition fees for international students are approximately¬†‚ā¨12,000 per year.¬†

UG in Film and Motion Design in Germany - University of Europe for Applied Sciences - KCR CONSULTANTS - Career Opportunities - job opportunities

Career Prospects

The UG in Film and Motion Design program graduates are well-prepared to enter the professional world with a strong portfolio and a deep understanding of the industry. The skills and knowledge gained through the program open doors to various career paths, including film director, motion graphics designer, visual effects artist, and more. Alums have gone on to work with major film studios, advertising agencies, and digital media companies, showcasing the global opportunities that await.


The University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Germany offers exceptional opportunities for those passionate about film and motion design to develop their skills, creativity, and career prospects. With a holistic approach to education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, students are poised for success in the highly competitive and ever-changing media landscape. Discover your film and motion design potential with a UG program that sets the standard for excellence in creative education.

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