What is Studienkolleg in Germany?

What is Studienkolleg in Germany?

What is studienkolleg in Germany? Studiekolleg is a college or institution which offers a foundation course to international students who need to attend the programme and pass the examination to meet the admission condition of the university. 

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German public universities set conditions while accepting foreign educated high school leavers to a bachelor’s degree course. Attending a foundation year programme at a Studdienkolleg is the condition generally found on applicants with a national school qualification of 12 years of school education background.

What is Studienkolleg in Germany is a question heard among the foreign-educated school leavers whose school certificate is not international but just national.

What is studienkolleg and what it stands for is clear from the above information, and that is as follows;

  • Studienkolleg in Germany is the intermediary educational institution that teaches foundation courses to international school leavers who must attend foundation courses per the university’s admission condition.
  • Studienkolleg in Germany teaches the primary subjects of the bachelor’s degree course the applicant intends to pursue.
  • The Studienkolleg in Germany teaches almost the same subjects the applicant would have studied in their senior secondary school education, but entirely in the teaching method of German.
  • Studienkolleg in Germany prepares a foreign educated high school leaver for bachelor’s degree studies at a German public university.

The Best Studienkolleg in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTSWhat is studienkolleg in Germany, is it teach only foundation course? No, it also offers a preparatory programme for educated international students who intend to pursue a German-taught master’s degree course at a German public university.

This preparatory course could be a language course to achieve the C1 level German language skills or proficiency or a DSH or TestDaf test preparation course.

Many ask every year what studienkolleg is in Germany and where to find the best studienkolleg in Germany, but not many have a good answer.

KCR CONSULTANTS has the answers as an expert student recruiter and counsellor for higher education in Germany for bachelor’s and master’s degree studies, especially in any one of the German public universities.

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