Did you know that children in Germany must compulsorily attend nine years of school education? 

Germany values education at a higher-level right from school. Germany is a hub that brings together education, scholarship, and research. Germany is a favourite, as it is a popular destination for education for international students.  Now let us get into the reasons why choose Germany to study abroad? 

Free education in Germany 

Study in Germany for free. Yes! Germany offers free education to aspiring students. Whether a bachelor’s or a master’s degree, Germany provides education with no tuition fees.  That is some exciting news, right?  The term “Study in Germany for free for Indian students” is true! It is possible. Since Germany values proper quality education, they make it affordable for everyone to receive a good education. Free education is a boon for international students, especially in India, as many students desire to study but are not financially stable enough to support their studies. These students can opt to study in Germany to make their dreams come true. 

World-class universities 

Germany has more than 100 public universities having a population of around 83 million. In contrast, India has roughly 20 IITs, which is exponentially very less for the millions of students in India (with a population of 1.40 billion!) who desire a good education. Germany’s universities rank among the best in the world, providing state-of-the-art education. Indian students have wider opportunities to choose to study in Germany from diverse German universities based on their interests. There are even some universities in Germany that are the oldest in all of Europe. Germany never settles for less coming to quality education.  This is a strong reason why choose Germany to study abroad. 

Internationally acclaimed degrees 

In many countries, the degree awarded in their respective country might not be valid when they apply to another foreign university for studies or jobs. One of the major factors for Germany being the best place is that the degrees students receive at the end of their course semester are valid across the globe. They maintain the curriculum/syllabus in such a way that Germany meets the world’s standards of education. As a result, a degree from a German university is internationally recognised and acclaimed. Students can proudly show their degree when applying for a job in a foreign country. 

The Gateway to tour Europe    

Once you have a valid student visa when studying in Germany, you will have the freedom to travel to other European countries. You only need a student visa (to enable permanent residency in Germany for more than 90 days) and a residency permit. There will be certain criteria that you might have to fulfil to travel throughout Europe. Just imagine visiting wonderful and historical places across Europe and living your long-forgotten dream! 

Stipends and scholarships to meet your expenses in Germany 

KCR CONSULTANTS - STUDY IN GERMANY This enlightened me as many students out there are talented and enthusiastic about learning more but cannot fulfil their desires because of financial instability. These scholarships will give them a particular monthly income meeting their needs and helping them focus on their studies.  You are almost convinced by now why choose Germany to study abroad! Keep reading and be persuaded fully. 

Ideal for a bright future career 

Germany has around 40,000 vacancies that need to be filled. They are constantly looking for skilled and academically strong pupils to take up a job and work efficiently. Students will have a variety of opportunities to work based on their interests. The salary is also very good once you gain experience in a particular field. The future is settled once you land a stable job in Germany.  These are the convincing points to make you ponder why choose Germany to study abroad, as Germany is one of the best places to study abroad.  Read How to study in Germany for free to get more insights. If you need more guidance or any queries regarding studying in Germany for free, feel free to contact KCR CONSULTANTS. They will assist you. KCR CONSULTANTS GERMAN EXPERT

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