Why is Germany the best for foreign educated health care professionals?

Germany for Doctors and Dentists

Germany has an acute shortage of healthcare professionals – that includes Doctors, Dentists, pharmacists, therapists, nurses…

  • Healthcare professionals earn well in Germany.
  • Doctors and Dentists can choose their desired field of specialisation if they want.

Position and Average Salary per annum (Gross)

Assistant doctor:  €55.000 – 70.000 

Head Physician:    €150.000 – 450.000 

Senior Physician:    €90.000 – 165.000 

Specialist:                €70.000 – 95.000 

The Programme

This programme is for you if you are a Doctor/Dentist in your home country, and looking forward to get licensed and practicing medicine or to pursue a specialisation of your choice  in Germany.

The Programme will help you,

  • (to get your professional qualifications assessed and recognised in Germany)
  • to prepare you with the required level of proficiency in the German language)
  • to sit the FSP exam and pass and to qualify for a provisional licence.
  • The programme also attracts a state government grant to cover your B2 & C1 level language courses in Germany

Steps for a Professional Licence to practice medicine or dentistry in Germany

  1. Send your information and qualifications to KCR for a pre-check.
  2. KCR will help you in association with our German office to get your qualifications assessed and get the deficit notification issued.
  3. We will handle the authorised translation of your relevant documents prior to the application submission for professional qualification recognition in a German state.
  4. All the necessary documents for your visa application will be prepared in Germany.
  5. KCR will assist you to prepare for a maximum successful visa application submission and consulate interview.
  6. Airport meeting and your transfer to the pre-arranged accommodation are organised while you arrive in Germany.
  7. An FSP test preparatory programme is offered immediately after you pass the B2 level test and while attending C1 level classes in Germany.
  8. Sit the FSP test and pass.
  9. Receive your Provisional/temporary licence to start working under supervision.
  10. Keep preparing to pass the approbation (licensing exam) while working in a German hospital.
  11. Sit and pass the approbation exam within the two-year period of the provisional licence.
  12. Receive your professional licence which permits you to work independently in Germany.
  13. Choose to continue working as a physician (General Doctor) or specialise in a  field of your interest.

Entry Requirements

  • Successfully completed medical /dental degree
  • Clinical internship completed
  • Registered with the medical/dental council in your home country


MD MS in Germany

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