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Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Aschaffenburg), also called Aschaffenburg UAS or AUAS, is a higher education institution located in the town of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Although founded in 1995, the university has experienced substantial growth and presently boasts an enrollment of more than 3,400 students.

It is well regarded for its academic offerings in various fields, including Business Administration, Economics and Law, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energies and Energy Management.


Aschaffenburg UAS places a lot of value on excellent academic conditions, a focus on the real world and is open to students from all over the world. It stands out because of how effectively it works in teaching, research, transferring knowledge and continuing education.

The University engages in collaborative partnerships with both industries and the scientific community in Germany and abroad and Through this, it supports the development of young scientists.

    Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences - partnerships 


The Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) conducted the university rankings for each degree.

In the mentioned ranking vote, a total of 120,000 students from Germany and Austria participated in casting their votes.

Aschaffenburg UAS ranks among the leading institutions in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energies and Energy Management.

Students rate in terms of

  • supervision by professors
  • How the studies are organised
  • Career orientation offers
  • practical relevance
  • Support received with one‚Äôs studies or for studying abroad
  • laboratory equipment




  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration and Law
  • Business Psychology
  • Digital Real Estate Management
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology [part-time education]
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (dual)
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering (part-time continuing education)
  • International Real Estate Management
  • International Technical Sales Management
  • Mechatronics
  • Mechatronics (dual)
  • Medical Engineering and Data Science
  • Medium-Sized Business Management
  • Midwifery
  • Modern Materials
  • Multimedia Communication and Documentation
  • Renewable Energies and Energy Management
  • Software Design


  • Applied Research in Engineering
  • Business Administration and Law
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Industrial Engineering
  • International Real Estate
  • Reliability Engineering



  • B.Sc. Software Design International


  • M.A. Mercuri
  • M.Eng. International Renewable Energy Project Development
  • M.A. International Management¬†


Aschaffenburg UAS is a university that places a strong emphasis on research activities. This initiative significantly contributes to the establishment of Germany as a prominent research destination.

The University has three key Research areas:

Key Research Areas

Intelligent Systems

In the area of intelligent systems, researchers engage in studies related to significant future topics that hold relevance for both the economy and society.

The objective is to focus on the development of application-oriented intelligent software solutions for many domains of application.

Key Focus
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science – The research endeavours are centred around the advancement of automatically scalable systems that facilitate the organisation and utilisation of vast quantities of data for artificial intelligence applications
  • Electronics and Electric Drives – The research encompasses various areas of study, such as the practical applications of radio and digital communication in autonomous devices, the recycling of electronic waste, advancements in semiconductor technologies and the design and improvement of efficient motors
  • Clean Tech – Clean technology, often known as clean tech, is a field that primarily concentrates on the advancement of intelligent technologies and software solutions. These innovations are aimed at promoting sustainable practises and conserving energy and materials.
  • Intelligent Mobility – The research endeavours primarily focus on the processing of sensor signals to ensure accurate detection of the vehicle’s surroundings, the development of new control algorithms to automate vehicle guiding, the optimisation of the human-machine interface through acoustic signal processing and the consideration of energy efficiency requirements.
  • Intelligent Sensors and Signals – The main focus is directed towards the information technology components of signal processing and networking.
  • Robotics and Automation – The research activities primarily concentrate on the fields of Robotics and Automation, with the objective of developing automation solutions applicable to many areas of application.


In the field of Materials research, scientists engage in research aimed at advancing the creation of new intelligent surfaces and materials, with a focus on practical applications and utilizing the latest advancements in scientific knowledge.

  • Material Testing and Sensor Technology – The study centres around the advancement of new materials for intelligent sensors, with the objective of monitoring industrial processes and detecting materials for enhanced recycling efficiency.
  • Innovative Material Processing – The research focuses on new materials for the process of three-dimensional [3D] printing, alongside inventive technologies and methodologies pertaining to additive manufacturing or applied photonics.
  • Clean Tech – The Research focuses on sustainable materials, sustainable material processing methods, resource-conserving use of materials and dialogue between science and the public, which promotes awareness of the environment and resource conservation.

Information Management and Structural Transformation

Targeted knowledge management based on scientific results helps digitalization and new ideas in business practice in this area. The Research helps businesses and society take advantage of the related opportunities and use them in a way that creates value. It does this by providing targeted information and managing innovation.

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences - Information Management and Structural Transformation

Key Focus
  • Business Transformation and Innovation Management – The research focuses on the development of efficient transformation processes, facilitating the successful integration of innovations and overseeing management throughout the value chain.
  • Economic and Social Transformation – This study centres on examining the impact of structural transformation on cultures and communication within the framework of interculturality.


Academic Buildings

Similar to the newly constructed buildings, the renovated ancient buildings of the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences have been equipped with advanced technology.

These technological advancements not only enhance the functionality of the renovated ancient buildings but also preserve their historical charm. There are modern halls for residence.


The campus is equipped with libraries that house extensive collections of a variety of academic books and other resources.

The Library has access to specialist databases, a click-and-collect offer, interlibrary loan and support with research, use and further processing of information.

Some of the Facilities that the Library offers,

  • Computers Facility
  • Students can use the wireless LAN
  • Print Facility


Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences possesses over 50 laboratory facilities. The laboratories are furnished with cutting-edge equipment and are utilized for both practical instruction and research endeavours.

The university’s dedication to creating a well-rounded education is on full display in these cutting-edge labs, where students and faculty collaborate to advance the state of the art.

Some of the Laboratories are:

  • BioMEMS Lab – The laboratory encompasses a diverse range of topic areas, including biosensors, graph theory, stem cell research and radiation biology.
  • Audio Communications and Acoustics Laboratory – The research endeavours primarily revolve around the practical implementation of artificial intelligence in the domains of signal processing, signal analysis and the use of sensor data.
  • Laboratory for coating technology – The laboratory team focuses their attention on the fields of thin-film and vacuum technologies.
  • Laboratory CAMRA: Applications of robotics – The laboratory is committed to advancing and enhancing knowledge and skills in all aspects of robotics and mechatronic systems.

Sports Facilities

Aschaffenburg UAS has sports facilities to help relieve the stress of working and studying. It has classes that focus on health and new sports.

All University students and full-time employees can use the sports areas for free and without registering.

Some of the sports programs offered are:

  • Martial Arts
  • Soccer
  • Calisthenics
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Body Shaping

Canteen and Cafeteria

The canteen provides a selection of three meal options on a daily basis. The menu consistently includes a vegetarian alternative, side dishes and a variety of desserts.

The cafeteria offers a selection of coffee, snacks and breakfast options.

Collectively, the two buildings have the capacity to accommodate more than 200 individuals.

Student Accommodation

The facility consists of two modern residence halls that have the capacity to house around 270 students.

These modern halls provide a comfortable and convenient living space for students, reflecting the university’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for its diverse student body.

The housing options are both affordable and versatile, featuring single rooms within shared flats as well as appealing standalone apartments. This range of choices ensures that students can find accommodations that suit their preferences and needs.

The majority of exchange students are provided with housing in the on-campus halls of residence, whereas degree-seeking students have the option to decide between residing in the halls or seeking private accommodations off campus.

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences - CampusLeben newspaper

CampusLeben (News Paper)

CampusLeben (Campus Life) is the official newspaper of the university. The students write articles for the students to read. This newspaper was distributed only on campus.

The newspaper acts as a vital bridge, connecting students to campus events, academic insights and the broader university experience.

Through this, students contribute to a vibrant exchange of ideas and information, shaping a shared narrative that reflects the essence of university life and echoes the diverse voices that make up the educational journey.

Student Services

The university provides student services for handling inquiries and concerns that arise during students’ academic pursuits.

These support services act as a reliable guide, helping students navigate challenges and make the most of their educational experience.

From academic advice to personal support, the university’s assistance encompasses a wide range of areas, ensuring that students receive the guidance they need to excel.


The University offers many events to entertain and provide help for their respective studies through workshops and celebrations.

By integrating enjoyment with valuable learning opportunities, the institution creates an environment where students can thrive academically while also forging meaningful connections and unforgettable memories during their educational journey.

Some of the Events that happened are,

  • Big SMILEs
  • University Process Management workshop
  • Summer Intensive Courses


Aschaffenburg University offers many programs to support Internationalization. Some of the Programs are listed below,

Social Program

The local buddies work with the International Office to put on various activities, programs and trips for international students during the semester. Attending these events is a great way to meet new people and find out more about the country of Germany.

These events not only facilitate cultural exchange but also provide opportunities for forging friendships and gaining insights into the vibrant tapestry of Germany.

The local buddies’ dedication to creating an inclusive and engaging experience further enhances the university’s commitment to fostering a globally enriched educational journey.

English-taught Programs

The Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences offers a wide variety of degree programs in English for students from other nations.

Some of the Programs offered are listed below,

  • Faculty of Business and Law (undergraduate courses)
  • Faculty of Business and Law (graduate courses)
  • Faculty of Engineering (undergraduate courses)

Students Exchange

The university offers student exchange programs. Students have the opportunity to enrol at the University and engage in academic pursuits for a duration of either one or two semesters, as per the terms of an established exchange agreement.

Through these programs, students can broaden their horizons, gain cross-cultural insights and cultivate valuable international connections.

International Partnerships

The university partnered with hundreds of companies, both local and international.

This network of collaborations empowers students with real-world insights, internships and potential career avenues.

Furthermore, the university’s global perspective is amplified through its numerous affiliations with international universities, granting students‚Äô unparalleled opportunities for cross-cultural academic exchange and collaborative research.

Some of the Partner Universities are,

  • Finland‚Äôs Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • Belgium‚Äôs Ap Hogeschool Antwerpen
  • Brazil‚Äôs Regional University of Blumenau
  • France‚Äôs Southern Brittany University

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences - language education

Language Center

The Language Center provides language education to all Aschaffenburg UAS students, including both required and elective courses as part of their degree plans. While English and German are required, the addition of French broadens the linguistic scope.

This overall technique not only provides students with the linguistic abilities they need to compete on the global arena, but it also builds a greater cross-cultural awareness.

Among the offered programs is a 4-week intensive language course, which corresponds to skill levels ranging from A1 to B2.

A selection of the languages available comprises:

  • Business English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Erasmus+ Program

The Campus also provides an Erasmus+ program, which allows students to finish their studies at any of its associated universities across Europe.

This effort opens the door to a complete cross-cultural trip, improving learning through multiple viewpoints and global collaboration.

This program highlights the institution’s commitment to generating global citizens and enabling educational transitions, resulting in graduates with an extensive education and a deep understanding of the interdependence of today’s global landscape.

International Student Advisory Service

At Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, the International Student Advisory Service is committed to delivering comprehensive assistance and guidance, ensuring that international students experience a warm welcome and continuous support during their tenure at the university.

The Advisory Service’s constant commitment reflects the university’s wider goal of creating an encouraging atmosphere in which students can flourish intellectually, culturally and personally.

Scholarships and Grants

Aschaffenburg University provides a wide range of scholarships to international students. These scholarships are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and they cover a wide range of academic fields.

Among the range of scholarships and grants provided are:

  • STIBET I (Scholarships for exchange students awarded by AUAS)
  • DAAD Prize (Scholarships for degree-seeking students awarded by AUAS)
  • BAf√∂G (The law commonly referred to as the German Federal Training Assistance Act, which serves as a legislative framework that offers support to students, encompassing both domestic and international students)

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences - scholarships


  • Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences is a higher education institution located in the town of Aschaffenburg.
  • Aschaffenburg UAS ranks among the leading institutions in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Renewable Energies and Energy Management.
  • It stands out because of how effectively it works in teaching, research, transferring knowledge and continuing education.
  • Aschaffenburg UAS is a university that places a strong emphasis on research activities. This initiative significantly contributes to the establishment of Germany as a prominent research destination.
  • The University possesses over 50 laboratory facilities.
  • All University students and full-time employees can use the sports areas for free and without registering.
  • The Language Center offers language classes to all Aschaffenburg UAS students.
  • Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences has student Exchange programs.

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences - KCR CONSULTANTS

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