Ausbildung is the German term for apprenticeship training in a selected field of work.

The programme leads to a vocational training qualification in an occupation such as a health care assistant, nurse, chef, hotel management, secretary, technician etc.

The training programme includes one or two days of classroom learning offered at the training institution and the remaining days of the week on a work placement offered by the participating employer.

Vocational training has an essential role in the high-end business professions. With an “Ausbildung’ (“Berufsausbildung’), you get a state-controlled qualification as a skilled worker providing a vast perspective for working and living in Germany even if you are a citizen of a non-EU country.


The training programmes are customised to fulfil all the criteria of the Skilled Immigration Act 2020.


Minimum Qualifications 10 + 2 passed

Age Limit: Up to 30 Years.


The participants are entitled to a monthly stipend of € 650 – € 1400,

depending on the occupation.


Under the Skilled Immigration Act,2020, the German states have identified more than 300 occupations like the below in various sectors and industries.

  • Health Care & Nursing
  • Hotel management
  • Restaurant and management
  • Culinary Arts (Chef)
  • Logistics


  • Contact us and apply for the programme with or without any German language skills.
  • Enrol in the skill development training with us that mainly includes the German language /occupational language learning, cultural orientation etc.
  • Take an approved B1 German language test and pass to attend an interview for a job training offer.
  • Receive your training contract.
  • Keep learning German for B2 level skills / Choose to attend German B2 course in Germany.
  • Apply for your visa.
  • Arrive in Germany.
  • Start your training or enrol and attend a B2 level German course.

Ausbildung and Appenticeship in Germany KCR


  • Skill development(language training and cultural orientation)in your home country.
  • Certification of documents(translation into German language & legalisation) while developing your German skills.
  • Prepare and apply for your visa.
  • Post arrival services.

                    -Airport transfer

                    -Accommodation in Germany

                    -Orientation and assistance in Germany during the training

To know more about Ausbildung in Germany visit our Ausbildung page.

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  1. Avatar of Ugwoke Obinna

    Hi, my name is Obinna, i am interested in dental technician apprenticeship program, i am a borne artistic person and i would love to use my talent to effect a positive change and to restore confidence to people. I would love to recieve guidiance and prospective on how to go about the admission process. Thank you

      1. Avatar of Zuhaira ayshath

        Hi, my name is Zuhaira and I study health and social care in UK. I would like to do midwifery apprenticeship in Germany and I’m aware of ausbildung but I’m not quite sure how the process would work if I want to intake for next September

        1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

          Hello Zuhaira,

          Ausbildung in Midwifery in Germany requires B2-level communication skills in German and 12 years of school education. Regarding the said level in German, you must sit and pass an approved test.

    1. Avatar of Salamatu fefegula
      Salamatu fefegula

      Hi ,my name is salamatu fefegula from sierra Leone I am interested in apprenticeship in Germany I want to become profisation nurse but the issu is, we don’t have German school is sierra Leone and the embassy don’t accept online certificate because the last time I was in the embassy to ask some questions.

      1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

        Hi, there are only two options;
        Learn the German language online, sit the approved test, and provide the test passed certificate.
        Apply for a language visa to migrate to Germany and attend a language course first.

  2. Avatar of JINU

    My name is jinu Thomas I am from Kerala, I am 22 years old.I would like to study culinary in Germany,I completed my speaking and writing in German B1 level and waiting for the balance two module results
    So kindly guide me to find a best destination

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Jinu,

      Please check the brochure for a general idea about Ausbildung; you already know it.

      We can work on an Ausbildung training that starts in the upcoming September intake.

      Please talk to one of my colleagues in our Kerala office; You may call the below numbers.
      (+91) 7907 741 716
      (+91) 9600 120 729
      (+91) 471 2570 333
      Alternatively, I will ask them to contact you as soon as possible.

      1. Avatar of Isreal isiaka

        My name is isreal isiaka, I have just finished my technical education in instrumentation and electrical. I want to learn more practicals in Germany as an apprentice. How do I go about this?

  3. Avatar of Keonte Davis

    Hello, my name is Keonte Davis. I live in the USA but I am looking for an culinary apprenticeship in Germany. Preferably Berlin. English is my first language, but I can speak German, but only at B1 level.

  4. Avatar of Gladys Cheptanui
    Gladys Cheptanui

    Hello, my name is Gladys Cheptanui .I am 30years old and am interested in nursing apprenticeship in Germany .i am a second year student nurse here in Kenya and my family is relocating soon to Berlin .will my age allow me to continue there as a nursing student through the apprenticeship?

  5. Avatar of Patience Nyamadzawo
    Patience Nyamadzawo

    Hie my name is Patience Nyamadzawo originally from Zimbabwe im 23 years old.I would love to study hotel management in Germany on apprenticeships..i speak English and waiting to start my B1 level soon

  6. Avatar of Lawson Dzesa

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to inquire about the apprenticeship route for migration to Germany. I am interested in pursuing this option and I would appreciate any information you can provide on how to go about it. Specifically, I would like to know more about the requirements for the apprenticeship program, the application process, and the expected timeline for the program. I would also appreciate any information on available resources that can assist with the process. I am excited about the possibility of living and working in Germany, and I believe that the apprenticeship program is a great opportunity for me to achieve this goal. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, Lawson Dzesa

      1. Avatar of Julius

        I have a diploma in clinical medicine and Community Health, Bsc in public health and MSc in public health. I am looking for work in Germany either in a clinical setting (medical assistant) or in public health. I need some guidance

  7. Avatar of Hilaria Festus

    Hi my name is Hilaria Festus I’m from Namibia and I’m interested in the Apprenticeship
    I’m a certified Health care giver and I would like more information on how to go about getting the chance to come to Germany…
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon 😊

  8. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

    Hi, I don’t think that you are that old for any studies including nursing, if you meet the conditions; 12 years school education completed with at least 50% marks, and have B2 level German language communication skills, you still can apply.

    All the best!

  9. Avatar of roqeeb

    hi my name is Oluokun Roqeeb I’m from Nigeria how do I apply for the apprenticeship I have no knowledge of the German language

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Oluokun,

      German language knowledge is necessary to attend an Ausbildung program and a senior secondary school education. The applicant must provide at least a B1/B2 level German language test passed certificate as evidence.

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