How to prepare for the 12th board exam

 Introduction: How to prepare for the 12th board exam 

The higher secondary period is very stressful, as we all know. Should start preparing for this from 11 the standard itself. What we learn in the first year is what provides a base to deal with the final year topics. Society is too much on to the idea of hard work. They often forget about mind soothing ideas about intelligent work. Hard work is good, probably the best way to score maximum marks or above 90% in the exams but analyse the time left for the 12th board. Innovative work is the need of the hour. Preparing for the 12th Board exam is aggravating. How our family reacts to it can affect the pace of our preparation. Students are primarily under significant panic and anxiety attacks during this period, so counselling for parents and students is necessary to face this exam season. 

How to prepare for 12th board exam Focus

Preparing for 12 board exams

1) Building a healthy mind

The student should be able to keep their mind steady to build a good study environment. How we spend a day, the time we wake up, everything can affect our mind. Waking up late and eating junk makes us lousy and sleepy. If we manage to wake up early and do some yoga, we will be able to keep our minds fresh till the end of the day. Assisting the day with healthy food will make it better. A healthy body and a healthy mind are the keys to success in any field, whether as exam preparation or any competition perpetration.

2) Know your syllabus

Understanding the syllabus is very important. Identify each section and its weightage. Prepare for each section concerning the weightage. Keep a list of topics, whether it is hard or easy, and when preparing the study plan, give more time to complex cases.

3) Collecting the suitable study materials

Consult your mentors and seniors who have already been through this session. They might be able to help to choose the best materials for your success.

4) Create a study plan

Consistency is one of the essential parts of preparing for the 12th board exams. Starting the preparation early and maintaining consistency can make the job easier. Divide every topic and schedule a time for it, learn every day, revise on weekends, and practice past question papers. When we try to learn a lot in a day, it usually becomes hectic. Sometimes, students cannot make it up as they try to finish everything at the end. Use a pencil to prepare the study plan. If you ever feel like changing the topics to reduce stress, this might help.

5) Taking Breaks

Include breaks in your study plan. Without proper breaks, the mind will feel fatigued, and your efficiency in studying will go down.

A break of 10-15 minutes between every 2 hours of study will help refresh yourself. Do meditations and exercises daily. Meditation strengthens the mind. It comes under control and can effectively guide the physical body to execute all its projects effectively. Psychological Exercises are a powerful way of improving concentration and improving mental strength. Going for walks or going out to play can change things for good. Listen to music learn to play a musical instrument. While research conducted at Stanford has shown that listening to music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention

6) Stay focused and Avoid Distractions

Staying focused is one of the essential parts of the preparation. Cut yourselves from the sources of distraction, like smartphones and other electronic gadgets. If you are doing curriculum-related online courses or YouTube, you should watch it, but always set a time. Go along with your study plan. Distractions like this are capable enough to ruin the whole study planning and hard work. If you stay away from distractions, it will be easy to concentrate correctly on your study. It would help if you stayed focused as much as possible.

At times, unavoidable situations might hinder your study plan. Don’t be disheartened at times like that. You can make another study plan to learn these topics on the days you plan your revision.

7) Staying motivated

There will be many times when you feel disheartened. Our brain works in a very constructive way. Practising every day staying consistent is the key. If we give up seeing how hard it is, we won’t be able to face the world ahead. It is a prolonged process. Small steps every day helps you achieve it. Be clear in your mind, and do not pressure yourself to cover things beyond your reach. It will be hard but worth it, “Rome was not built in a day”.

8) Solving Sample question papers

Don’t do question papers for their sake, do it in a very systematic way. Think of yourselves in an exam hall, preferably from 10 AM to 1 PM, in an environment close to the one you expect at your examination centre. Practise your calm and face the question paper. Hence do the maximum number of question papers.

Another essential thing to do while doing question papers is to mark the questions we don’t know or need better preparation. Deal with these topics. That is the most efficient way to find the issues you have missed.

9) Sleep at the right time.

Try to get 6 hours of sleep every day; more than trying, you should be able to do it. Without sleep, all the study plans will turn into something very complicated. Don’t sacrifice your sleep, and try to learn overnight. What you feed in your head will be long forgotten without rest. Sleep, take rest, wake up to fight another day. 

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