Ausbildung in Germany for Indian Students

Ausbildung in Germany for Indian Students

Immediately after the COVID-19pandemic, if there is any word or phrase that has attracted many youngsters in India is the word ‘Ausbildung‘ in Germany for Indian students!

By this time, it has become a household name in India for the recent high school leavers, those currently in their 12th grade, and their parents. Even many who have completed their 12th long back and are under 30 are seriously discussing it.

Ausbildung in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTSAll of them understand by now that it is an apprenticeship program in Germany, but most of them refer to it as a vocational programme (or vocational training in Germany). What is there in the name? The result matters!

All know that the apprenticeship program in Germany doesn’t attract any tuition fees like studying in a public university in Germany. To make it more attractive, it’s a government-controlled programme, and the participating or host companies should pay a stipend to the trainees monthly for the entire duration of three years.

While consultants talk about only three occupations (from the Ausbildung course list) as Ausbildung in Germany for Indian students, apprentice training is offered in more than 350 Ausbildung courses in Germany by all sectors and industries in Germany.

Of course, the most accessible Ausbildung programme for Indian students under Ausbildung course list is nursing to become a nursing specialist, followed by hotel management and culinary Arts.

Ausbildung in Germany Occupations and IndustriesHow to apply for Ausbildung in Germany for Indian students?

KCR CONSULTANTS help the applicants to apply to their desired and chosen occupation. KCR’s consultants use all the resources available to prepare the applicants with their qualifications and documents, identify the participating companies, and apply for a place on behalf of the applicants or assist them in using directly.

Extensive Ausbildung occupations in Germany for Indian students 

Nursing is a prevalent occupation in Ausbildung courses in Germany (aka vocational training in Germany) for Indian students, followed by hotel management and culinary arts only because many companies participate in Ausbildung from these sectors. 

At last, the concept of the apprenticeship program in Germany is to help the German registered companies bring in young non-EU citizens, train them at their workplace, equip them with work skills, and transfer them as the fittest future employees!

At the same time, the Government is very serious about helping the trainees by making it that the participating companies should provide a monthly stipend set by government regulations and industry standards. 

The policy made by the Government also protects foreigners from exploitation by making it clear that the trainees are free to choose where they want to be after the training is over. 

Guaranteed Ausbildung Offer and Job Training Contract!! - KCR CONSULTANTSWhat do I need to do to apply to Ausbildung in Germany for Indian students?

Ausbildung in Germany for Indian students is an opportunity not heard of before and is currently unavailable in any other country. 

It attracts many Indian students to a university study programme, even if it is free education at a public university or a bachelor’s degree, they need to attend a foundation course in Germany after learning the language and attracting tuition fees.¬†

In addition, they need to have a blocked account for EUR 10,332.00while applying for a visa, even if it’s meant for their maintenance while undergoing vocational training in Germany.

Do I need to know German to apply to Ausbildung in Germany for Indian students? 

But for Ausbildung (vocational training in Germany), Indian students must learn German here in India to qualify for an interview, B1/B2 minimum. After receiving a direct training contract for one of the Ausbildung courses in Germany, no blocked account needs to be shown at the visa office!

So no German language learning in Germany once the host company finds the applicant’s language skills are good enough and acceptable, no tuition fees need to be paid for the apprenticeship program in Germany, and no blocked account is required to show while applying for a visa!

The only exception is if a company accepts an applicant with only B1 level and on the condition that they have to attend a sponsored German language course of B2 level, for 3-4 months before the vocational training in Germany starts, you will be required to show a blocked account with enough funds.

For example, if the German Language Courses¬†in Germany are four months, you must have EUR 861×4 in your blocked account.¬†

So Ausbildung (apprenticeship program in Germany) for Indian students is an outstanding opportunity; you must learn German and achieve B2 Level communication skills. 

Ausbildung in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTS

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