MBBS in Europe for International Students

MBBS in Europe for International Students 2023/24

International student sound whoever is from a foreign country for the host country! 

One could be from India, the USA, Mexico, Australia, Mongolia, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa or anywhere else!

Aspiring Medical education 12th-grade school leavers go abroad simply because medical education is in demand everywhere in the world, which applies to their countries very effectively.

MBBS in Europe- KCR CONSULTANTSMany of them go around looking for a place to study Medicine. Whether it’s in the nearest country or a country far away from their home country, the aim is precise, should pursue Medicine and become a Doctor in future.

Many from the USA migrate to the Caribbean countries like St. Lucia, Jamaica, St Marteen, and Guyana when they cannot get a medical seat in the USA or it’s too costly. Even after knowing that the universities in this region didn’t follow the entry criteria of American medical education even while offering a medical education based on the American curriculum, USMLE. 

To clear further, to qualify to apply for a place to pursue Medicine at the bachelor’s degree level in a USA university, one should be an undergraduate degree holder already and that too in a science subject.

But most universities in the Caribbean or Central American countries admit students with just 12 years of school education. They induct them into a BS course for 1.5/2 years before progressing to their medical education!

Philippine medical universities have been following the same, and the medical commission in India has blocked the qualification putting thousands of students into severe trouble. No help from the universities and not even a try or suggestion to solve it! 

Methods and study environmentEurope is the only place one can expect to attend a decent medical degree course. Almost all the universities that are Government or private follow fully or nearly the same British curriculum.

European degrees give them the confidence to look for opportunities to practice Medicine anywhere in the world, including in the host and the home country of the medical graduate.

We suggest Riga Stradins University in Latvia for any international student is RSU, a Government funded university, offers a classic medical degree of 6 years. One can progress to specialization in Latvia, if they want, after completing the course. 

The qualification, an MD degree, is accepted across Europe, the UK and Ireland, America, Asia, and Africa,  all five continents. 

For example, if one wishes to practice Medicine in the USA later, they only need to clear the licensing examinations; USMLE  stage 1&2, and a residency is considered the third and last USMLE.  

For the USMLE examination, medical qualifications for some universities are not even accepted.  

Medical councils of the UK and Ireland accept the MD degree of the RSU, Latvia, as equal to their MBBS.

Medical education at RSU in Latvia is not costly but not cheap; it costs 12,000‚ā¨ per year for tuition and approximately 6000‚ā¨ for the cost of living.¬†

KCR CONSULTANTS represent RSU, and the consultants and counsellors here are well versed in the admission process. 

Our expertise in dealing with the procedures of the university and the visa offices makes us the best suited for you to start your application process. 

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