Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)


Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg), also called DHBW, is a pioneering educational institution in Germany that uniquely blends academic studies with practical work experience.

The University operates across three distinct faculty-based campuses, spread across nine locations: Stuttgart, Heidenheim, Heilbronn, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Villingen-Schwenningen, Lörrach, Mosbach and Ravensburg. Notably, the main campus is situated in Stuttgart.

Founded in 2009, DHBW operates within a unique cooperative education framework, providing a wide array of programs spanning diverse fields.

DHBW distinguishes out as Germany’s first institution to effortlessly mix practical training with academic instruction.

With approximately 34,000 students, over 9,000 partnering enterprises and a noteworthy alumni count exceeding 145,000, it holds a significant presence.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - Introuction



Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University envisions a unique and dynamic educational ecosystem that seamlessly integrates central and local levels, akin to the acclaimed US State University System.

This structure empowers students with diverse academic experiences while fostering solid connections with industries and communities.

The university offers undergraduate study programs across nine locations and three vibrant campuses. By blending theoretical education with practical application, it equips students in business, engineering and social work with the skills, knowledge and industry insights they need for successful careers.

Its commitment to this distinctive organizational structure ensures students receive a well-rounded education and industry readiness, contributing to developing a skilled workforce and fostering regional growth.


The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University encompasses three campuses:

  • DHBW School of Business
  • DHBW School of Engineering
  • DHBW School of Social Work.

This multi-campus structure allows the university to deliver its innovative dual education model to a broader student base.

Each campus is a vibrant hub where academic excellence converges with practical experience, creating a dynamic learning environment.

These campuses provide a diverse selection of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs that have received national and international accreditation.


The curriculum at the university blends higher education with training on the job at many partner companies. The aim is to offer students both academic and work-related skills.

In this way, classroom learning is paired with job experience so that the effectiveness of classroom theory can be tested immediately in real-life situations and vice versa.

This enables graduates of DHBW to take on challenging responsibilities at an early stage in their professional paths, facilitating the initiation of their successful careers.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - advantages



Department of Accounting, Taxation and Business Law

  • Accounting and Controlling
  • Auditing
  • Business and Tax Law
  • Business Taxation, Corporate Accounting and Finance
  • Taxation and Auditing

Department of Applied Health Sciences

  • Applied Health Sciences (study program combined with apprenticeship)

Department of Applied Nursing Science

  • Applied Nursing Science (study program with on-the-job training)

Department of Business Administration

  • Business Administration-Banking
  • Business Administration-Business Development
  • Business Administration-Commerce
  • Business Administration-Controlling and Consulting
  • Business Administration-Exhibition, Congress and Event Management
  • Business Administration-Financial Services
  • Business Administration-Food-Management
  • Business Administration-Healthcare Management
  • Business Administration-Human Resource Management
  • Business Administration-Industrial Management
  • Business Administration-Insurance and Risk Management
  • Business Administration-International Business
  • Business Administration-Media and Communications
  • Business Administration-Public Sector Administration
  • Business Administration-Real Estate Management
  • Business Administration-Service Management/Services Marketing
  • Business Administration-Skilled Trades and Crafts
  • Business Administration-Small and Medium Sized Enterprise
  • Business Administration-Technical Management
  • Business Administration-Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Business Administration-Transport and Logistics

Department of Business Information Systems

  • Application Management
  • Business Engineering
  • Data Science
  • E-Government
  • E-Health
  • International Management for Business and Information Technology
  • Sales & Consulting
  • Software Engineering

Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Department of International Business Management, Tri-national

  • International Business Management (tri-national)

Department of Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship

Department of Media

  • Digital Media
  • Media Design
  • Online Media

Department of Physiotherapy

  • Physiotherapy (study program combined with apprenticeship)


Department of Business

  • Accounting, Controlling and Taxation
  • Digital Business Management
  • entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General business management
  • marketing
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Media and data-driven business
  • HR management and business psychology
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Taxes, accounting and auditing
  • Supply chain management, logistics and production
  • business Informatics
  • industrial engineering

Department of Technology

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Executive Engineering
  • computer science
  • Integrated engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • business Informatics
  • industrial engineering

Department of Social Affairs

  • Digitization in social work
  • Governance of social work
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Planning and coordination in social work
  • Social work in the migration society

Department of Health

  • Advanced Practice in Healthcare
  • intensive care


Aligned with the ethos of duality and collaboration, research at this University resonates with an application-driven and transfer-focused approach.

This methodology predominantly involves active engagement with corporate partners and local enterprises, as well as collaborations with neighboring universities.

By prioritizing practical relevance and knowledge exchange, the university fosters a research environment that generates real-world impact, addresses industry challenges and contributes to regional innovation and development.

This cooperative framework underscores the university’s commitment to producing research outcomes seamlessly integrating academia and industry, amplifying the synergy between theoretical understanding and tangible application.


Some of the Research Projects are mentioned below,

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - EdCoN - research

  • EdCoN
    The Education Competence Network (EdCoN) project aims to enhance forward-looking teaching in dual courses of study such as artificial intelligence in teaching, learning analytics, videos in teaching, collaborative research-based learning, electronic examination processes and more through the creation of ten teaching-learning laboratories called EdLabs.
  • e-Hunter
    The primary objective of this research study is to examine the field of industrial service management along with the trade course associated with mechanical engineering.


Modern Lecture Halls and Classrooms

Equipped with advanced audiovisual technology, spacious lecture halls and classrooms provide an optimal setting for interactive lectures and discussions. These spaces encourage effective knowledge dissemination and student engagement.

Through a fusion of multimedia tools and versatile seating arrangements, students are encouraged to participate actively, fostering an environment where information is absorbed, analyzed and synthesized collaboratively.

Laboratories and Workshops

Students can apply theoretical concepts, conduct experiments and hone practical skills under expert guidance. Specialized laboratories and workshops offer hands-on training in various fields, such as engineering, technology and the sciences.

Through hands-on experimentation, they refine critical skills, fostering a deep understanding of real-world complexities. Expert guidance ensures precision and safety throughout the process.

DHBW’s commitment to practical education manifests within these labs, nurturing graduates equipped not only with theoretical knowledge but also the practical understanding required to excel in their chosen fields, bridging academia with industry demands.

Some of the workshops offered are,

  • Seminar on ITU-T (The seminar is about familiarizing students with ITU-T activities)
  • Online Seminar with TOMSIM (The workshop seminar is about General Management through business simulation)

Library and Resource Centers

DHBW’s well-stocked library and resource centers provide access to a vast collection of academic materials, journals and digital resources. These spaces offer quiet study areas, collaborative workspaces and computer facilities to support research and coursework.

In line with the university’s commitment to comprehensive education, these centers not only nourish intellectual exploration but also empower students with the tools and surroundings necessary to cultivate a deep understanding of their subjects and excel academically.

The Library has,

  • Reading Rooms for Research and Teaching
  • Reading Rooms for Further Vocational Training and General Education
  • Media Resources

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - Library

Collaboration Zones

Designated collaboration zones and group study areas promote teamwork and knowledge exchange among students. These spaces facilitate group projects, discussions and peer learning, fostering a sense of community.

By providing an environment that nurtures teamwork and information exchange, these zones evoke a palpable sense of community among students.

One of the notable collaborative program is IGTC’s annual International Exchange Program. This program encompasses a combination of Guest Lectures, organizations visits, cultural experiences and, most importantly, active engagement among the students from IGTC and DHBW.

Sports and Recreation Facilities

DHBW recognizes the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Campus facilities include sports halls, fitness centers and outdoor sports areas, encouraging students to stay physically active and maintain well-being.

By offering avenues for recreational pursuits and organized sports, the university fosters an environment where students can not only excel academically but also prioritize their physical vitality.

These facilities reflect the institution’s dedication to nurturing students’ holistic development and fostering habits that contribute to both academic success and overall well-being.

Some of the sports facilities that the university has are,

  • Sports Hall
  • Football field
  • Basketball field

Student Center

The student center acts as a social hub, housing student organizations, lounges, cafeterias and event spaces. It’s a space where students gather, collaborate and relax between classes.

Students also have student organizations to gain practical experience and to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Career Services and Job Centers

These centers provide students with guidance on internships, career opportunities and industry connections. Workshops and counseling sessions help students transition seamlessly from academia to the professional world.

The university ensures a seamless passage for students, equipping them with the skills, insights and connections necessary to embark confidently on their professional journeys, thus exemplifying the institution’s dedication to cultivating job-ready graduates.

Around 80% of the graduates can able to get permanent job opportunities in the partner companies of the institution.

Technology Infrastructure

DHBW’s campuses are equipped with robust IT infrastructure, ensuring that the students have access to online learning resources, research databases and communication tools.

The each of the campuses of the university is equipped with Wi-Fi facility.

Cultural and Event Spaces

Auditoriums and halls accommodate guest lectures, seminars, workshops and cultural events. These spaces contribute to rich campus life and the exchange of diverse ideas.

These spaces serve as crucibles where diverse ideas converge, fostering a vibrant campus life abuzz with intellectual discourse, artistic expression and cross-cultural interactions.

Some of the events offered are,

  • Intercultural Training
  • Castle and Fireside Talks
  • IGTC’s annual International Exchange Programs

Health and Counseling Services

The campus proactively provides comprehensive health clinics and confidential counseling services.

These resources prioritize students’ physical and mental welfare, offering a safety net for holistic care. Equipped to address both medical concerns and psychological challenges, these facilities create a supportive environment that nurtures students’ overall health.


Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University actively promotes an international perspective within its curricula. Internationalization efforts are integrated into various aspects of academic life, enabling students to develop a global mindset. This includes incorporating international case studies, inviting guest lecturers worldwide and infusing cross-cultural awareness into coursework.

Here are some programs offered,

Student Exchange Program

The university facilitates student exchange agreements with partner universities worldwide. Students can have the option to spend one or two semesters abroad, immersing themselves in different academic and cultural environments.

This program not only enhances their understanding of diverse cultures but also provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with peers from various backgrounds, fostering a rich and well-rounded academic journey.

One of the programs offered is Erasmus+ Program through which Students can study in European countries and European students can come to the University for Study.

Student Mobility

The university allows students from partner universities to immerse themselves in different academic and cultural environments.

Through this immersive experience, students gain not only academic insights but also intercultural competencies that enhance their personal and professional growth.

Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is specifically for international students. The main aim of this program is to offer full support to international students during their stay in Germany.

Native students play a crucial role in assisting their counterparts (international exchange students) in negotiating the complexities of academic life. They can engage in an exploration of the areas, thereby cultivating a deeper understanding and appreciation of German cultural practices.

The university offer contact facility between international students and buddies through,

Students can contact their buddies from before coming to the country itself through Email.

After reaching the university, Students can be in touch with their buddies through via social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - Buddy program


The university provides assistance in finding accommodation inside the student dormitory after receiving applications from students and taking into consideration the number of available rooms in the building.

This accommodation provision underlines the institution’s commitment to facilitating a streamlined housing process for its international students.

The Accommodation facility offered are,

  • Single room in a shared apartment
  • Shared kitchen, bathroom and washing facilities
  • Access to internet
  • Online Application

International Partnerships

Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University has partnerships with numerous local and global universities.

This grants students many opportunities for cross-cultural academic exchange and collaborative research, enriching their academic journey and nurturing a global outlook.

Some of the international partnered universities are,

  • Denmark’s VIA School of Business, Technology & Creative Industries/VIA Design
  • Ireland’s Dublin Business School
  • South Africa’s Durban University of Technology
  • Scotland’s Napier University Edinburgh

International Student Advisory Service

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - Student Advisory Service

Through personalized guidance and resources, the advisory service ensures a smooth transition and enriching experience for international students throughout their academic journey.

This encompassing service extends beyond administrative aid, encompassing assistance in acclimating to new cultural environments.

Recognizing diverse needs, the advisory service strives to foster a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere that enables international students to flourish both academically and personally.

Some of the services offered are,

  • Information and advice
  • Advice on scholarship opportunities
  • Advice on funding opportunities
  • Exchange of students and lecturers
  • Supervision of international guest students, lecturers and delegations


  • Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg), also called DHBW.
  • It is Germany’s first university to combine training on the job with academic studies.
  • The University has around 34,000 students and more than 9,000 partner companies. It has more than 145,000 graduates.
  • DHBW envisions a unique and dynamic educational ecosystem that seamlessly integrates central and local levels, akin to the acclaimed US State University System.
  • The university offers undergraduate study programs across nine locations and three vibrant campuses.
  • Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University actively promotes an international perspective within its curricula.
  • Before their arrival, international students have the option to get in contact with their assigned buddy via email.   

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University - KCR CONSULTANTS  

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