BSc Nursing In Germany (Dual Degree)

Germany is in dire need of nurses as the majority of German people are reaching old age and need care and assistance.

So, Germany will always need nurses in the coming years. 

Dual degree BSc nursing in Germany introduction

BSc Nursing in Germany is a dual study programme since it allows students to get a university degree while also gaining practical nursing experience at affiliated hospitals.

In the dual degree nursing programme, you acquire skills at the university, which prepares you for a management position in the health sector.

Training as a geriatric nurse or a health worker will give you the hands-on experience and academic grounding you need to effectively interact with patients and other people in need. 

What are my day-to-day duties during a dual degree BSc nursing course in Germany?

  • You care for people regarding diseases, treatments, and nursing care.
  • You create nurse health ideas, including initiatives to combat childhood obesity.
  • You assess patients, create a care plan, and implement nursing interventions, including physiotherapy and other therapies.
  • You do innovative therapeutic approaches and nutritional ideas from the scientific community.
  • You examine routine nursing practices.

Job vacancies for Nursing


Reasons to go for a dual degree in BSc nursing in Germany for international students

  • Because of the ageing population in Germany, there will be a growing number of people needing medical attention in the years to come.
  • Since health care and an effective health system are in the public’s best interest, this industry is consistently expanding.
  • Having a bachelor’s and a master’s in nursing opens up many more doors for you in the nursing field.
  • You have the practical work experience employers value and the technical skills you’ll need in your chosen field.
  • Nurses are in high demand, particularly for managerial positions at extensive medical facilities.¬†

What will I do during the dual degree in BSc nursing in Germany?

Your dual course of study spans three to three and a half years.

You will alternate between theoretical and practical stages.

The university prepares you for a career in nursing and as a state nurse.

The nursing specialist integrates the education of health and nursing staff, geriatric nurses, and health and paediatric nurses.

Classroom instruction and on-the-job experience are required for completion of the programme.

You can work and go to school simultaneously if you have already completed an apprenticeship in the care industry.

You split your time between campus and the practical company every three months. (study nursing in Germany)

Students also have the option of spending the first and eighth semesters at university and completing the training in the workplace during the second through seventh terms. 

Skills required for a dual degree in BSc nursing in Germany for Indian students

  • You look at the big picture and know best how to distribute your time and energy.
  • You are a meticulous observer and like to operate inside well-defined frameworks.
  • You should have a generous heart, enjoy lending a hand, and be sociable enough to make fast friends.
  • Keeping up with current research is essential for nurses to use the latest scientific findings.
  • You count biology, chemistry, and mathematics among your favourite subjects.

BSc Nursing in Germany


Dual degree BSc nursing in Germany requirements 

  • You must have graduated from high school or the equivalent.
  • Math and science should make up the 12th-grade subject group.
  • You scored a minimum of 50% on the board exam.
  • You need to be strongly driven to study nursing and acquire an interest in learning German.
  • You should be prepared to move to Germany, learn German and improve your communication skills, enrol in a subject-based Foundation course, and do well academically.

If you fulfil the above eligibility, you meet the requirements to study nursing in Germany! 

Is a dual degree in nursing in Germany worth it?

The BSc nursing salary in Germany might begin at around 2400 Euros.

For a seasoned nurse in Europe, the BSc nursing salary in Germany per month is around ‚ā¨5,000.

Career advancement for nurses is better than the average profession because of the high need for nursing leadership positions.

German Registered Nurses can seek licensure in any European country if they speak the local language.

Students in the BSC nursing dual programme receive a monthly stipend in exchange for their time and effort in the hospital’s operations at no cost to the facility.

Enrolling in a nursing Ausbildung program makes you eligible for a monthly stipend throughout your nursing course. (study nursing in Germany with stipend) 

How much do I need to pay for a dual degree BSc nursing course in Germany?

Germany provides a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at no cost.

Nursing schools in Germany that are free of tuition are public institutions of higher education.

Nursing school in Germany is entirely free for overseas students. 

BSc nursing job in Germany after a dual degree BSc in nursing in Germany

You can work in care management but also take on consulting tasks.

After your dual degree programme, your practice partner may offer you a follow-up job contract.

You can engage in public relations and marketing to boost awareness of such measures and increase their approval.

You can become a nursing service manager, ward manager, case manager, and nursing assessor.

Nursing scientists can work in health and nursing care insurance firms, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and geriatric care facilities or public health facilities. 

If you have decided to study a dual degree in nursing or nursing Ausbildung in Germany program, talk to our expert counsellors at KCR CONSULTANTS now!

Nursing in Germany-KCR Consultants

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2 thoughts on “BSc Nursing In Germany (Dual Degree)”

  1. Avatar of Linda

    I will move to Germany as a Nursing assistant 2024. Will I be able to enroll for Bsn nursing while working? My goal is to do a master’s and then PhD. Kindly advise. Linda, 29.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Linda,

      BSc nursing in Germany requires an A-level study with the required number of subjects and Grades OR a national certificate of 12-year school education in a Science group of subjects compulsorily with Biology.
      The A-level certificate holders must learn the German language and achieve a Proficiency level to eventually qualify to attend the BSc program at a German university.
      The National Certificate holders must learn German up to B1/B2/C1 level and attend a medical foundation course at a preparatory school or Studienkolleg before the commencement of BSc.

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