Study In Germany For Indian Students After 12th

Why Study in Germany for Indian Students after 12th?

Public Universities in Germany - Study in Germany for Indian Students after12th
Why Study In Germany For Indian Students After 12th

How to Study in Germany for Indian Students after 12th

Why is there massive hype about studying in Germany, especially ‘Study in Germany for Indian students after 12th?’

Germany is well-organised; its environmental security makes it an excellent place for Indian students to live, learn and work.

Is it possible to study in Germany for Indian students after the 12th?

Read further! 

Reasons to study in Germany for Indian students after 12th 

German public university’s generosity

Germany’s public universities offer free education in Germany (zero tuition fees) to EU and non-EU citizens alike. 

The vision of Germany is to make the future generation educated and competent to face the world fearless and with brevity. 

Therefore Germany never compromises when it comes to quality education.

Universities in Germany–Pinnacle with cutting-edge resources

In Germany, universities of applied sciences offer programmes grounded in practice and research, producing highly employable graduates and fresh insights.

Whereas technical universities teach their students based on theory and research! Students graduate from here qualified and innovative!

Therefore Germany is the most recommended country for higher education! 


Germany is the abode of different nationalities of mixed cultures. One can have excellent knowledge about various cultures, traditions, food, habits, etc. One can make new friends while on their studies with those who have come from different counties!

English-taught courses for the competitors

If a student’s English is exceptional and the academic background is excellent, Germany has various English medium programmes where the student can enrol. Even Bi-lingual courses (English + German) exist in German universities. 


Choose an occupation you like to work in!

Let somebody pay you to get trained in it! 

Ausbildung is an apprenticeship program (with over 350 occupations!) where the trainees will work with existing employees and be trained at the workplace while attending vocational training schools. 

How to Study In Germany For Indian Students After 12th - KCR

Requirements to study in Germany for Indian students after 12th

It all comes down to this one question; Do I meet the requirements to study in Germany?

  • You need a minimum of 50-60% marks in the 12th-grade school examination.
  • You must develop an interest in learning the German language in Germany to pursue a German medium degree course in a German public university.
  • If you opt for an English medium course, English proficiency at the B2 level is required.
  • You must open a blocked account and deposit a certain amount to meet your expenses while in Germany for at least the first year.
  • If you particularly want to know about the requirements for a bachelor’sbachelor’surse in medicine, nursing, management or engineering, kindly find them in the conditions to study in Germany for Indian students after the 12th grade. 

Which course is best for a job in Germany?

I do not want to make a statement by pointing to something particular and brainwashing you.

Apart from Engineers, medical doctors, nurses/healthcare workers receive the highest pay in Germany for their increasing demand and priority. 

Engineers under various specialisations earn pretty well, followed by IT, sales and architects.

Finally, it all comes down to your interest and passion.

I can feel you are becoming sure to study in Germany for Indian students after the 12th grade! 

Study cost in Germany for Indian students after 12th

Public universities in Germany provide free education without compromising their quality of learning.

Though you don’t have to pay any tuition fees, you should still pay for your expenses like accommodation, food, travel, semester fees, and unanticipated expenses during your stay in Germany.

Let us now look at some of the FAQs that students have regarding studying in Germany for Indian students after 12th

Study In Germany For Indian Students After 12th

Study in Germany - Complete Details


Free Education in Germany


Public Universities in Germany


Yes! Indians can study in Germany after 12th.

That is the primary job of KCR CONSULTANTS. If you bring all the requirements for your preferred course in Germany, our counsellors will take it from there.

You must have cleared your 12th grade from a CBSE or State Board Examinations.

For language requirements;

You may have to start learning German while we process your application and continue learning in Germany. 

You may provide evidence for attending your senior secondary school education in English for English taught degree and preparatory programme in Germany.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the language requirements; the language experts at KCR CONSULTANTS will help you with language teaching.

Though you don’t have to pay any tuition fees in German public universities for your course, you need money for living expenses.

According to German immigration, international students should have at least 11,208 EUR in their bank account to cover their monthly expenses, including housing, food, and other living expenses for the first year.

There are English-taught programs in Germany where you can enrol without having an IELTS score, provided you have the evidence for attending 11th and 12th in an English-medium school.

Even though the minimum requirement is 50%, it is advised to have good marks in 12th to secure a place in a German university, as Germany’s education is top-class.

You require a minimum of 50 to 60% marks to register in a notable German university.

Education is free in German public universities. You must pay for other expenses while residing in Germany. “Costly” is a relative word when it comes to good education.

A German degree qualification is valid worldwide, including in India.

Yes! You can study in Germany after 12th for free in many German public universities.

You can read our article on how to study medicine in Germany or how to study PG medicine in Germany.

You can read our article on how to study in Germany for free. The ultimate guide for international students.

There are loads of jobs for upcoming generations. Germany has a shortage of nurses as a more significant part of Germans are reaching seniority. They need undivided attention and care. Qualified nurses are highly required in Germany.

Not just nursing, Germany, as a whole, needs trained professionals for complex tasks.

Nursing is a noble and well-paid profession in high demand in Germany (followed by culinary arts and hotel management). Germany is sorely in need of caretakers as many Germans are entering senility. 

The best courses in Germany after the 12th are Engineering, IT, technology, Business management, Health science, medicine, and Ausbildung. (Learn more about studienkolleg in Germany and direct foundation course)

As many people know, the automobile hub of the world is Germany. Germany is home to the legendary automobiles Volkswagen, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Opel and more.

Any course related to automobiles (mechanical engineering, mechatronics, robotics, automotive engineering, automation technology, etc.) will be a great choice in Germany after the 12th.

Even architecture or civil engineering is a good choice as Germany is home to some historical monuments and monumental buildings that have stood firm for hundreds of years.

Study in germany - KCR consultans

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12 thoughts on “Study In Germany For Indian Students After 12th”

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS


      Please scan your 12th and 10th grade school examination passed certificates, passport and forward them with your Bio-Data/CV to [email protected] for a preliminary assessment and start working together.

      If everything is in order we can apply for a bachelor’s degree programme based on the subjects studied in the 11th and 12th grade. We can get you a conditional admission from a public university, an admission from a Studienkolleg to attend a foundation and also one for a attending a German language course at a language centre of the university or Studienkolleg.

      1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

        Hello Yuvankumar,

        Please study well; you must have at least 50% to study for a bachelor’s degree in Germany.

        Alternatively, you may call us or schedule a time slot for a voice or video chat to understand what subject group you are studying now, what programme you want attend in Germany, and also explain what KCR can do for you.
        Generally, we process applications for a suitable programme, get admissions for a language, foundation, and a Bachelor’s degree admissions.
        Assist in open an blocked account, and prepare to apply for a visa.
        Once applied for a visa, we start looking for accommodation, and start applying.

      2. Avatar of Mayesha Rohella
        Mayesha Rohella

        Hi I have started 12th class and I want to pursue psychology bachelor’s in Germany. Please kindly guide me.

        1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

          Hi, of course, you can; please let me know when you are ready with your school certificates.
          I hope you know that high school leavers from India starts their studies in Germany by attending a Foundation course based on thier chosen bachelor’s degree. In your case you will be required to attend an M(Medical) Foundation. Generally Foundation courses last for 12 months. And since the foundation is taught in German, you will need to attedn German language courses first, till you achieve a B2 or C1 level to follow the Foundation programme.

  1. Avatar of Anu

    Hii I wants to do mbbs on the basis of my 12th marks.
    Can I do mbbs in Germany ??
    But I don’t have enough money !!

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS


      You can apply to study Medicine in Germany for free at a public university, provided you have studied Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics mandatorily in your 11th and 12th grade school education.

      Please email the scanned copies of your certificates, passport with a copy of your CV/Bio-Data to [email protected] and also contact me at 98400 65364 to discuss in detail or schedule a voice or video chat through Google or Zoom.

  2. Avatar of Arpith Manu

    I have complete my 12 grade examination ,hopping to get good grades .And planning to learn german and take SAT . my dream is to study my bachelors in conputer science there . what preprations should i take

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hello, you can apply to study medicine in Germany if you have also studied Mathematics along with Biology and Chemistry.

      There are two ways to prepare for a medical course;
      1. If you 90%+ marks in the 12th grade our one year all-in-one Foundation programme is the best suitable. It starts with A2 level German language online, apply for a visa and arrive in Germany to continue with B1 in person, followed by the subject based foundation- all in one year!

      If you wish to talk please let us know.

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