Doctors’ Program in Europe

The Doctors' Program in Europe: A Pathway to Licensing in the Czech Republic

The Doctors’ Program in Europe is a comprehensive preparatory program designed to help foreign-educated doctors, dentists, and pharmacists obtain professional licensing in the Czech Republic. As an EU Schengen member country, obtaining a license in the Czech Republic enables professionals to practice across Europe, making this program an attractive option for many healthcare practitioners.

Overview of the Doctors’ Program in Europe

The program consists of three main stages:

  • Preparatory Courses
  • Nostrification
  • Approbation Exam and Licensing

Each stage is crucial for ensuring that the qualifications obtained outside Europe are recognized and meet European standards. Let’s dive into each stage to understand the process better.

Doctors Program in Europe

Stage 1: Preparatory Courses

The preparatory courses are designed to equip candidates with the necessary language skills and medical knowledge to pass the licensing exams. The courses include:

Czech Language

  • Five hundred sixty hours of Czech language¬†training at one of the leading universities in the Czech Republic.

Czech and English Language

  • Three hundred hours of combined Czech and English language training at a specialist institution ensures that candidates are proficient in both languages, which is essential for communication and understanding medical terminology.

Medical Preparation

  • Preparing at the Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education¬†focuses on preparing candidates for the approbation exams.

Duration: The preparatory program lasts for one year.

Total Tuition Fees: 5300 EUR

Intake: February, May, and September
These courses are essential for preparing candidates to succeed in the nostrification and approbation exams and for future practice in the Czech Republic.

Stage 2: Nostrification

Nostrification recognizes medical, dental, or pharmaceutical qualifications obtained from institutions outside Europe. This step is crucial as it ensures that the candidate’s education meets European standards.

The nostrification process involves:

  • Verification of educational documents¬†to confirm that the candidate’s qualifications are equivalent to those required in Europe.
  • Assessment of coursework and clinical training¬†to ensure they meet the necessary standards.

Once the nostrification process is complete, candidates can proceed to the next stage: the approbation exam.

Stage 3: Approbation Exam and Licensing

The approbation exam is a comprehensive licensing exam that consists of three parts:

Part 1: Written Tests

  • Two written tests¬†were conducted over two days. These tests assess the candidate’s medical knowledge and understanding of clinical practices.

Part 2: Practical Training

  • Six months of training/internship¬†under the guidance of a qualified doctor, dentist, or pharmacist. This practical training is essential for candidates to gain hands-on experience and demonstrate competence in the real world.

Part 3: Oral Exam

  • Oral examination¬†based on five case studies. The examination board will select one case study for the candidate to defend. This oral exam tests the candidate’s ability to analyze and discuss complex medical cases.

Confirmation of Practice and Licensing

After completing all three parts of the approbation exam, candidates will be issued a license to practice their respective professions independently in the Czech Republic.

Services Offered in the Home Country and the Czech Republic

To support candidates throughout the process, various services are provided both in their home countries and upon arrival in the Czech Republic:

  • Visa Assistance: Help prepare the necessary documents to obtain a Czech visa for the academic year.
  • Medical Insurance: Arrangement of local medical insurance, with costs varying depending on the chosen insurance company.
  • Arrival Support: Meeting upon arrival, transfer to pre-arranged accommodation, and providing a Czech SIM card.
  • Accommodation: Arranged before the arrival date.
  • Police Registration: Assistance with foreign citizen police registration in the Czech Republic.
  • Orientation: Guided tour of Prague, accompanied by a representative from the International Youth Union.
  • Nostrification and Approbation Assistance: Support in the nostrification process and approbation application.

These services ensure that candidates are well-supported throughout their journey to becoming European licensed healthcare professionals.

Advantages of the Doctors’ Program in Europe:

Wide Acceptance Across Europe
One of the most significant advantages of the Doctors’ Program in Europe is the wide acceptance of professional qualifications across Europe. After obtaining a license in the Czech Republic, professionals can practice in other EU or Schengen countries, such as Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Sweden. The only additional requirement is meeting the language proficiency standards of the chosen country’s licensing board.

High-Quality Education and Training
The program offers high-quality education and training, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for the licensing exams and future careers. The comprehensive nature of the preparatory courses and practical training provides a solid foundation for success.

Cultural and Professional Integration

Living and studying in the Czech Republic allows candidates to integrate into the European cultural and professional landscape. This experience is invaluable for personal and professional growth, as it helps candidates develop a deeper understanding of European healthcare systems and practices.

European Medical Licensing


The Doctors’ Program in Europe provides a clear and structured pathway for foreign-educated healthcare professionals to obtain licensing in the Czech Republic and practice in Czech Republic hospitals and across Europe. With its comprehensive preparatory courses, nostrification process, and thorough approbation exams, the program ensures that candidates meet European standards and are well-prepared for their careers.

By taking advantage of the support services offered and fully engaging in the preparatory courses, candidates can successfully navigate the licensing process and embark on a fulfilling career in Europe. The Doctors’ Program in Europe is not just a pathway to licensing; it is a gateway to new opportunities, professional growth, and the chance to impact the healthcare field across Europe significantly.

Embark on this journey and take the first step towards a rewarding European career with the Doctors’ Program in Europe.

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