Many students face many problems like depression, unhealthy issues, suicidal thoughts, work pressure, unemployment, etc.

The reason is that they are not satisfied with their lives and sometimes take unforeseen solutions that affect their family and society.

Life becomes complicated when it could have been a whole lot better.

As years go by, responsibilities piles-up.

If only they had a choice to change their life course and become successful, things might have turned differently.

Study Abroad - KCR CONSULTANTSTalents should not go to waste because of a glitch in the student’s life.

Foreign education has always been an essential topic among students.

But it’s always hard to find the right education consultant for the applicants.

It’s complicated for Indian students as some websites do not simply post the required information.

Many Indians have been looking forward to studying in foreign countries.

The reason?

One can choose from a wide variety of courses offered by foreign universities.

They have lots of options that will help them reach their goal efficiently.

Why foreign education? 

  • You can choose from a variety of courses.
  • Several universities to select
  • Settle well in future
  • Comfort and satisfaction¬†

Why choose a foreign education consultant? 

If a student tries to search for a particular course, it might seem complicated for them to get the necessary information from a university website.

The solution is to reach out to a foreign education consultant.

These counsellors in a foreign education consultancy can help the applicants right from scratch.

They explain well about the university course like its tuition fee structure, living expenses, food, accommodation, etc.

A foreign education consultant’s counsellors have more knowledge about the universities and courses as they have tie-ups with many recognised universities.

They will take the time to guide each individual throughout the entire process with patience and integrity.

The admission process might be strenuous at first.

With the right amount of guidance and information, the student will pass through all the processes like a wind breeze on a hot sunny day.

KCR CONSULTANTS is one of the places which will clarify all doubts and questions with professional guidance.


Study abroad consultants in Kochi for IELTS and German level test preparations


  • ¬†Reach out to the consultant through direct call or WhatsApp
  • ¬†It is an added benefit if the applicant lives nearby, as they can directly walk into the premises and talk with the counsellors in person.
  • ¬†If the student lives far from the office, the Internet has blessed us with Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams.¬†

When to go to a foreign education consultant? 

If the applicant has plans to study abroad but does not know where to begin, a foreign education consultant comes in handy. 

Maybe the applicant has searched many websites but cannot conclude. 

That’s when expert guidance is required. 

Maybe even the applicant’s parents are in a dilemma on what to decide.¬†

Counsellors are what they need to come out of their questions and get clear clarifications on the particular university and course. 


  • Germany
  • ¬†The USA
  • ¬†Canada
  • ¬†The UK
  • ¬†New Zealand
  • ¬†Australia
  • ¬†Singapore
  • ¬†Japan
  • ¬†Korea
  • ¬†Other European Union countries¬†

A good IELTS score is essential to get into one of the best universities that offer world-class education.

KCR CONSULTANTS offers IELTS coaching in Chennai to help the applicants meet the university’s requirements.¬†

A new apprenticeship (Ausbildung) has come in Germany that offers students a timely job who have passed their 12th exams. 

For more details about the apprenticeship, please click here.  

Perks of studying abroad 

  • ¬†It helps Indian students to look at the world from a broader perspective.
  • ¬†There is a benefit of co-existence with cross-cultural and diversified people.
  • ¬†They provide the capability of making any place their home.
  • ¬†Education in Germany is free of cost without deterring the quality.
  • ¬†Oxford and Cambridge make the students stand out. No more explanation is needed.
  • ¬†Canada is a favourite among students for its quality of education, easy visa and immigration system, future work permits, settlement opportunities, and the like.
  • ¬†It provides high value as an international qualification and employers‚Äô acceptability.¬†

Career Pathway programs help the students attend specific internships or training to qualify to work in that respected country.  

KCR CONSULTANTS are willing and ready to provide expert guidance to whichever university and course the student prefers.

KCR CONSULTANTS will also help them throughout the admission process until they settle in that place.  

I hope this content was valuable and resourceful. 

For any queries or questions, feel free to contact us.

Overseas Education Consultant in Chennai - KCR CONSULTANTS

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