How Can One Study a Bachelor’s Degree In a German Public University Directly?


We all know that a non-EU citizen holding a national school qualification has to attend a foundation course in Germany before being accepted to a bachelor’s degree course at a German public university?

Do you know that one can also qualify to study a bachelor’s degree course in a German public university directly without attending a foundation course?

You may think that I’m referring to having an American High School qualification called IB Diploma or A-Levels from a Cambridge curriculum!

No, I’m not referring to that.

A few public universities offer a couple of courses that don’t ask for an Abitur qualification!

Abitur is the German entry qualification for a direct bachelor’s degree course at a public university!

These universities ask for evidence of the required level of skills in the English language and generally an IELTS test score of 6.5.overall. 

The other option is to provide at least two consecutive semester mark sheets of a university – at least one year of learning experience in a university/college.

This option applied to those in their college studies who completed the minimum first year of their studies and obtained at least two semester sheets from the university.

Those who have attended a bachelor’s degree course for at least one year will qualify to study a bachelor’s degree course in a German university; without attending a foundation course and not paying any tuition fees for a degree course.¬†

That means those who are not happy with the degree course they are attending, whether in the first, second, third or fourth year, can apply for a place in a German public university to pursue a degree without attending a foundation course.

Both the English taught and German taught degree courses are open to sending their application. 

Those who choose to study in the Engish medium need to provide an IELTS test passed certificate with a 6.5 overall score obtained in an academic module.

Those who apply to study for a German taught course would have a unique opportunity of attending a German language course in Germany as a C1 level German language proficiency is required to participate in a degree course in a German public university. 

Those who use this opportunity of 6-9 months of German language learning wisely will make the maximum out of their stay in Germany, as the German language is the KEY to success in Germany!

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