If you are asking this question, there are two types to the question.

The first one is where the student has completed their 12th Grade and looking to become a nurse in Germany.

The second one is where the person is already a registered nurse in India and wants to pursue their nursing career in Germany.

If you belong to the first category, please click here to know the detailed information for becoming a nurse in Germany through the Ausbildung program.

The second category is discussed below. Keep reading.

The nation salutes you for your diligence and thanks you for your contribution to society.

Now, you have planned to go to the next step and become a certified nurse in Germany. 

How do I become a nurse

Let us learn how.

An official authorisation is required for the nurse to practice their profession in Germany.

Requirements for international nursing professionals

  • The nursing profession in your home country has to be acknowledged in Germany. The authority will cross-check your professional qualifications with the German qualifications and see if they concur.¬†

If they do not match, the nurse can take an assessment test or an adaptation period to prove themselves. This matters more as a German professional recognition is valid throughout the nation. 

  • The obvious requirement for practising nursing in Germany is to know the German language. The nurse should be competent until the German language’s B1 or B2 levels to count themselves eligible.

If you want to study the German language, contact KCR CONSULTANTS, and they will guide you step by step.

  • To work efficiently, the nurse must be hale and healthy. A German doctor has to approve to the nurse that they are physically and mentally sound to practice nursing in Germany.¬†
  • The Germans have to trust you with their lives, right. For that, the nurse needs to prove their trustworthiness. They must not have any criminal record from their home country.¬†

This can be cleared if the nurse submits a certificate of good conduct from their country. Even a German certificate of conduct will be taken into consideration.

The deciding factor for the nurse's recognition is not their nationality. The place of qualification matters most - KCR CONSULTANTS

The deciding factor for the nurse’s recognition is not their nationality. The place of qualification matters most.¬†

Do you fulfil all these requirements?

If yes, congrats! You are on board.

If not, please get in touch with KCR CONSULTANTS to meet all the requirements and know more information.

Nursing is a promising profession. Society will always respect you for that.

Contact KCR CONSULTANTS for your dreams to come true!

Become a nurse in Germany

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