Requirements to Study Nursing in Germany

Requirements to study nursing in Germany for 2023

There are some basic study nursing in Germany requirements.  

Requirements Study nursing in Germany as vocational training called Ausbildung

Basic requirements to study nursing in Germany for international students

To study nursing through vocational training (Ausbildung nursing in Germany requirements)

  • One should have completed their senior secondary education (12th grade) and passed the board exam with at least 50% marks. (Nursing Ausbildung in Germany)
  • Ready to learn the German language to avoid needing a blocked account while making a visa application at the German consulate back home. (You may need to learn up to B1/B2 Level).

Study Nursing In Germany for Indian and International Students

Documents required to study nursing through vocational training (Nursing Ausbildung in Germany requirements)

  • You must submit your 10th and 12th senior secondary certificates.
  • You must have a passport.
  • Before or after the interview, you need to provide a medical health certificate from a state-certified health worker.
  • You must produce a PCC (Police Clearing Certificate) attested by the passport office.
  • You need to produce an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • The programme provider or the employer will need a letter of motivation (motivational letter (ML)) to showcase your true passion and flair and why you are so motivated and excited to pursue nursing in Germany.
  • They may ask you to provide all your certified documents along with translations at any time, depending on the participating company.

To study BSc nursing in Germany (BSc nursing in Germany requirements)

  • You must clear your 12th grade majoring in a science subject with a minimum of 50% of marks. (Bsc nursing in Germany)
  • You should be ready and willing to learn the German language up to C1 in Germany followed by a medical foundation course in Germany. 

Documents required to study BSc nursing in Germany (studying nursing in Germany requirements)  

  • You need to submit your 10th and 12th higher secondary certificates.
  • You must possess a passport.
  • You should have a recently updated CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • You need to produce a motivational letter to illustrate your devotion to pursuing a BSc in nursing in Germany. 

Nursing Ausbildung in Germany

If you are unaware of the motivational letter, an updated CV, PCC, or MC, KCR CONSULTANTS will guide you with those requirements.  

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A BSc nursing course or Ausbildung nursing in Germany usually spans three years.

Ausbildung nursing and BSc nursing is a state-controlled programme, and the employer and the institution charge no tuition fees. (Free education in Germany

You don’t have to worry about it. Experts at KCR CONSULTANTS will guide you throughout the admission process until you step into a nursing school in Germany

You must clear your 12th-grade state examinations with a minimum of 50% of your overall marks for Ausbildung nursing in Germany.

You must have 50% of the marks in your 12th grade with science as a major subject for BSc nursing in Germany.

Study Nursing in Germany


Ausbildung Nursing


Nursing Education in Germany


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33 thoughts on “<strong>Requirements to Study Nursing in Germany</strong>”

  1. Avatar of Sivani ps

    Am Sivani .ps I had completed my higher secondary education in Commerce stream .. 63 present mark
    Is it possible to study BSC Nursing in Germany??

      1. Avatar of Sharonbella

        Am from nigeria and I got Six credits in my waec result can I use that to apply to study nursing in germany?

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi, you must first complete your 12th grade/senior secondary education with at least 50% marks. Secondly, you must learn the German language in your country until you achieve B2-level communication skills.

      Nursing studies through Ausbildung is on-the-job learning; hence the students/participants get a monthly stipend for the entire three-year duration of the programme.

      Generally, Ausbildung nursing students get at least 1200.EUR per month as a stipend.

    2. Avatar of JORDA

      Hello .
      Am 39 with master degree in business administration and degree on accounting and finance, now I am in Germany and leaving the language
      Can I study nursing with Ausblidung

  2. Avatar of Nishadi Kaushalya Ranaveera
    Nishadi Kaushalya Ranaveera

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m Nishadi from Sri Lanka. I have more than 5 years of work experience as a registered nursing officer.
    Further, I graduated with BSc in Nursing and MBA from CCCU, UK.

    I have already done 15 standards care certificate courses from IANS, UK.
    Police clearance and TB test were already received.
    I have done the UKVI IELTS Academic. So, I’m looking for a nursing or senior caregiver position with sponsorship. If I’m not eligible for the mentioned job position, how can I study MSc Nursing In Germany? but I didn’t achieve language proficiency yet.
    kindly request to consider my request.

    Thank You

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      MSc nursing or any similar master’s degree suits your current and previous background. Of course, you need to sit and pass the IELTS academic module test and score at least 6.5 overall to meet the language criteria.

      You may scan your qualifications and forward them to [email protected] while you prepare to sit the language tests etc.

  3. Avatar of Aminata D Sanyang
    Aminata D Sanyang

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I’m Aminata D Sanyang
    I studied Medical Assistant in college and now want to further my Education in doing RN nursing. I’m currently doing volunteering services in one of the biggest health centre I have two(2) years experience in nursing department. I like to study in your school.
    Thank you

  4. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

    Dear Catherine,

    To apply for BSc nursing, one must pass 12th grade with at least 50%.
    You need to attend a foundation course of one year in Germany before applying for admission to a BSc nursing program.

    Whereas 12th passed with B2 level German will qualify for an Ausbildung Nursing programme, an apprenticeship for three years.
    The attendees get a monthly stipend for the entire program duration.

  5. Avatar of Komugabe Charlotte
    Komugabe Charlotte

    Hello,, am komugabe Charlotte I completed my certificate in nursing,am requesting for a scholarship to go for further studies in Germany. Is it possible?

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Hi, if you have completed a nursing diploma and are a registered nurse in your country, you may learn the German language and apply for training leading to a nursing job after six months.

      If that’s not your case and you wish to train in nursing in Germany through Ausbildung/apprenticeship training you should have passed the senior secondary school education and B1/B2 German language test passed certificate to apply.

  6. Avatar of Sahara Rai

    Can I study nursing after 12th commerce in Germany? And what kind of requirements are needed for nursing course in germany if i have passed my 12th in commerce?

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Pursuing nursing through Ausbildung doesn’t require a science background in higher secondary school education. You may register with us start learning the German language is important.

  7. Avatar of Catherine Sheene T. Ruamero
    Catherine Sheene T. Ruamero

    Hi, I’m from Philippines, I want to study for BS in Nursing in Germany. How to apply? I completed my Senior High School with honors.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      You may scan your school qualifications to [email protected]
      You will be required to attend the German language classes first in Germany until you achieve a C1 level proficiency. Subsequently, you will need to attend a medical foundation course which could be for eight months before you meet the admission conditions of the BSN programme.

  8. Avatar of .

    After the Asbildung course and working in Germany, is it possible to work in another country with a nursing degree? With the same degree from Germany

  9. Avatar of Kobir Hossain

    Dear Sir/ Madam
    I’m Kobir Hossain
    I studied Medical Assistant in college, also now I studying in Bachelor In Food Science and Nutrition ( Completed 1.5 years) and now want to further my Education in doing RN nursing. I’m currently working in Humanitarian organisation international Rescue committee ( IRC) as A Health care provider I have More than five (5) years experience in nursing and Health department. I like to study in your College in Germany
    Thank you

  10. Avatar of Georgina Mwangi

    Hello, I’m completing my certificate in community health and development. And would like to study nursing in Germany, is it possible?
    Will be waiting for your response thank you

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      If your subject group was Biology-Chemistry-Physics, apart from other subsidiary subjects and languages, it is still possible to apply for a BSc nursing program in Germany.
      If the marks in the above three subjects are at least 50% per subject, the chances for a BSc in Nursing in Germany will improve.

      You may please email [email protected] about your plan by attaching scanned copies of your qualifications and certificates.

  11. Avatar of Clarissa Mae Santiagp
    Clarissa Mae Santiagp

    Hi, I am Clarissa I am currently studying the German language and would like to pursue Nursing in Germany. Do you grant scholarship to 30 years old above?

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Clarissa,

      If you plan to study nursing in Germany at a university for a BSc nursing degree, you can still apply to attend it for free! If you are considering vocational training, Ausbildung nursing, please understand that most program providers look for applicants under 30 years of age!

  12. Avatar of Seleni

    I´m interested in Dual Studium program in Bsc. Nursing science. I´m planning to do further masters and Phd after i finish it, it´s possible right? also i want to know if we need a block account for Dual Studium and the duration? Maximum date to handover my C1 Goethe Zertifikat, if I´m planning to start on September? Please kindly mention your guidance fee too.
    Thank you.

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Seleni,

      The requirements to study nursing in Germany are 12th grade passed under a national curriculum and at least one year of BSc nursing studies at a university in your country or wherever you reside, in addition to a C1 level in German.
      Suppose you want to go with your 12th-grade high school qualification alone. In that case, you must start with a Medical Foundation Year in Germany before finally being accepted to a BSc nursing degree program.
      In this case, you can go to Germany and start attending the language course to continue learning from whatever level of language you have while arriving in Germany.

      If you have followed the Cambridge curriculum and have A-Levels completed in the relevant subjects, you need C1 level German language to meet the requirements to study nursing in Germany.

      1. Avatar of Seleni

        okay, thank you. I have my International Edxcel Advanced level. How can i start applying through your agency?
        Thank you.

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