How is it possible to study MBBS without NEET?

The question consultants have been hearing for the last few years from many anxious high school graduates who aspire to pursue medicine abroad is it possible to study MBBS without NEET?

Is it possible to study MBBS without attending and passing a NEET exam? 

No Indian medical college will accept an applicant, however passionate and otherwise suitable they are, but unable to provide a NEET exam passed certificate. 

The simple reason is that NEET is a national eligibility test commonly applicable to every Indian citizen applicant. 

How is it possible to study MBBS without NEET in a foreign country?

Yes, one can study MBBS without attending a NEET test in a foreign university which is not very particular about the test. 

But please ‘NOTE’ one won’t be able to sit the licensing examination in India once one returns to the home country with a foreign medical degree if one has attended the NEET exam or passed the test before starting the course.

That means only those with no plans to practice medicine in India should even consider studying MBBS without a NEET test passed. 

Still, many foreign medical universities refuse to accept Indian students without a NETT exam passed. 

How is it possible to study MBBS without NEET - KCR Consultants CHENNAI


How is it possible to study MBBS without NEET in a country like Germany?

Germany’s public universities generally look for something other than a nationally eligible test passed certificate from international students.¬†

They follow their admission procedure and requirements. It varies from university to university. 

It also depends on the qualification of the foreign student application, e.g.;

  • Americal high school diploma
  • IB certificate
  • GC certificate
  • National certificate¬†

Indian students with a national certificate, which most of them got, will need to attend a medical foundation (M course) at a Studienkolleg in Germany and score well, in addition to attaining a better proficiency in the German language.

How is it possible to study MBBS without NEET - KCR CHENNAI

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