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Study MBBS in Romania in English - A Detailed View

MBBS in Romania is a credible choice for many high schools leaving medical aspirants from countries like India. Especially in a scenario when the low-cost countries offering the cheapest MBBS programmes have almost stopped, at least for the time being. 

Foreign MBBS/MD courses of 4 years or less than the duration of the MBBS course offered by medical colleges in India will no more qualify to sit the licensing exam (screening test) as per the NMC, formerly the MCI.

Medicine in Romania is offered in English in some universities. The duration and curriculum meet the NMC regulations and requirements, making MBBS in Romania a better option for Indian students. 

Being a European Union member, Romanian medical qualifications have the same value as the other EU countries. MBBS from a Romanian university is accepted in Germany to get licensed and practice medicine in Europe. With a medical degree from Romania, one can also proceed with specialising and becoming a specialist in the chosen medical field. 

Germany is not an exception, as the qualification is accepted by the medical council and ministry of health of all the other EU countries.

One may wonder how it is possible without knowing the country’s language!¬†

Of course, they need to learn the language, the only requirement they need to meet when choosing any other EU country to work and live in future.

MBBS in Romania for Indian students

For Indian students, MBBS in India is one of the ideal options. Acceptability-wise, the medical education in Romania meets the requirements of the NMC in India, duration-wise and syllabus-wise. 

The cost of education and the medium of instruction in English also makes MBBS in Romania for Indian students an ideal option.

Romania MBBS fees are almost affordable and as per the expectation of the Indian students and their parents. The tuition fees of EUR 6000-8000 per year come well within the cost of MBBS education in private medical colleges in India. 

For those with a budget of INR 40-50 Lakhs, MBBS in Romania fees for Indian students are not expensive, considering many Indian medical colleges will find it within the proposed cost and affordable budget.

MBBS in Romania - KCR


Eligibility Criteria to study MBBS in Romania

A 12th-grade education completed in the Biology subject group is the first and foremost Eligibility criterion to study MBBS in Romania.

A better percentage of marks obtained in the 12th and good communication skills in the English language are also requirements to Study MBBS in Romania.

MBBS in Romania Fees

Romanian MBBS fees charged by universities are almost similar and the same. MBBS in Romania costs approximately 6000.EUR per year. The fees mentioned are for tuition per year.

Living in Romania is relatively inexpensive. It may cost a maximum of 200.EUR per month for accommodation and another 200.EUR for food and other living expenses.

How can I apply for MBBS in Romania?

For detailed discussions and counselling, one can contact KCR CONSULTANTS if you don’t mind. The student counsellors here are well-updated with the admission requirements and procedures.

You must have your 12th and 10th grade passed certificates, passport and an updated CV.



Romania is good for MBBS abroad as one can choose to study a medical course in English. The course duration meets the NMC requirements, and the syllabus matches the medical course offered in India and hence meets the NMC requirements.


MBBS from Romania is valid in India to sit the licensing exam. Once licensed, one can practice medicine in Indian hospitals with a Romanian MBBS.


Sit and pass the NEET exam is a mandatory requirement for those who wish to return with a foreign medical degree and practice medicine in India. Romanian medical universities look for a NEET passed certificate from applicants from India.


Five years plus one year of internship makes the total duration for medicine in Romania 6 years.


One can choose to study and write all the exams in English. That’s one of the NMC conditions to consider a foreign medical degree.


INR 40-50 lakhs budget meets the total cost of studies, including hostel accommodation and other living expenses while on the course in Romania.


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