How to Study Engineering in Germany for Free?

The Love Affair Between India and Engineering 

India and Engineering are inseparable. 

If India is the bride, engineering is the bridegroom. 

If you are an outsider and visiting India, you will probably hear the word engineering so much. 

Engineering is the answer to whatever question you have 

Which is the best course? Engineering. 

What to study after the 12th? Engineering. 

Which course has a good scope? Engineering. 

Which course will take you to other countries? Engineering. 

Which course will offer good pay in the future? Engineering. 

It is an automatic robotic answer to every question. 

You will laugh right now if you are an engineer reading this article. 

So am I! 

Relatives, friends, passers-by, long-lost people, morning jogging mates, gym mates, frequent grocery vendors, neighbours, and everyone you can think of will reply with the same answer to the question, what is the best course to study? 

Do you want to study in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTSENGINEERING!!! 

First, find out if you want to pursue engineering as your bachelor’s degree. 

Even if you are looking for a master’s degree in engineering or a Masters in Germany, you have come to the right place. 

Keep reading if engineering is what you want to pursue. 

“Why not study engineering in a country that offers free-of-cost and world-class teaching at state-of-the-art facilities?

Do undergraduate study in Germany for Indian students. You can study engineering in Germany for free. People will recognise your degree worldwide. You can even do BE in English in Germany

Germany is the country of “IDEAS”. 

Germany has brought ground-breaking innovations and inventions that made the world stand in awe.  

Divisions of Engineering 

Engineering is a relative word. It has many divisions inside; 

  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics
  • Biotechnology Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Science Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronical Engineering
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Power Engineering
  • Process Engineering and many more.

You can find any engineering degree in Germany easily. You need to pursue a foundation course to qualify.  

German engineering has high value worldwide, and “Made in Germany” is recognised as a mark of quality.

In Germany, more than 3,600 engineering degree programmes are available, including over 1,600 Master’s programmes

The importance of interdisciplinary networking is also rising in the technology sector. 

Eligibility to study engineering in Germany 

The best qualifications for studying an engineering degree programme are curiosity, asking questions and looking for answers, and never settling until you find a logical and scientifically correct answer! The other essential qualities are interest in technology and willingness to be influenced by technological growth.  

Have you achieved at least 50% marks in your 12th-grade education under the State Board or CBSE curriculum? 

If yes, you are qualified to apply for an engineering degree in Germany. 

If you plan to apply for a master’s degree in engineering, you should have got 50% in your bachelor’s degree. 

Career Prospects After an Engineering Degree 

Graduates in engineering and technology in Germany have countless career options. There are so many advantages of studying in Germany

Engineering degree holders have excellent employment prospects because there has been a steady increase in demand in Germany for years.

Germany’s unemployment is below 3% even though international students have doubled. 

Career opportunities are excellent in Germany because there are few jobless engineers in Germany. More and more women are choosing to pursue engineering degrees in Germany nowadays. 

The automobile industry is still among the best and most prominent and is especially sought-after for entry-level positions. 

The demand for civil engineers and graduates from power engineering and electrical engineering is driven by the ongoing building boom and redevelopments as part of a move to greener energy sources. 

KCR CONSULTANTS - Study BE in Germany for FreeConclusion

Once you complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree, there are many jobs that you can choose from that offer a good salary along with added benefits.

Did you find the answer to how to get free education in Germany for Indian students? 

You can even pursue higher studies in Germany after your graduation.

Engineering graduates are treated with respect in Germany. 

Kindly read our article How to study in Germany for free to learn more about free education in Germany. 

Contact KCR CONSULTANTS once you have decided on the engineering course you will pursue and speak to them if you want to pursue BE in English in Germany 

They will help you through the documentation process and guide you like your best friend!

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