How to study PG medicine in Germany?

How to study PG medicine in Germany? 

We all know the crazy things happening over NEET in our country! 

Don’t worry; we won’t be able to enter into a debate about that. 

You would probably be practising your profession and looking to rise above the horizon. 

You have a fantastic opportunity to soar high after studying MBBS. You can just read on to know more. 

What after MBBS? What can I do after studying MBBS in India or abroad and practising medicine? 

I can reply to your question with another question! 

Why not study PG medicine in Germany?

Go for PG in Germany after MBBS and get licensed in India or any other country, preferably the country of training.  

I would say that you can study PG medicine in Germany after MBBS! 

Is PG medicine programme free in Germany? A question we hear from most applicants! 

Yes, that is the answer to this question!

PG Medicine in Germany is free. There are no tuition fees for PG medical specialisation in Germany. Hospitals in Germany offer PG medicine programmes, which they call medical specialisation. 


What is so special about this country? 

  • German hospitals offer the best medical services at their state-of-the-art facilities!
  • You don’t need to pay any tuition fees for studying PG medicine in Germany.

You will gain a deeper understanding of German hospital settings because you will be in a hospital environment under the supervision of qualified and experienced doctors. At the same time, you train and specialise in your chosen field of medicine. 

You will earn while working and attending the specialisation training for medicine PG in Germany, which is approximately 5,500.EUR per month. 

Germany encourages talented medical professionals from other nations to take up various specialisations due to the scarcity of medical professionals there. 

The safest working and living environments in Germany are much talked about worldwide. 

In contrast to your native country, where you should compromise with any field of specialisation offered, Germany allows you to choose any discipline for medicine PG in Germany. 

Requirements for medical PG in Germany 

Starting with the German language programme, you will advance to increasing proficiency levels. 

You will enrol in a preparatory programme for the German medical terminology test once you have reached B2 proficiency in the language. 

Medical doctors from foreign countries must pass the German state medical council’s Terminology test, FSP, to demonstrate their competency in the German medical/technical language.

Once FSP passes, they will qualify for a “provisional License” to work for a limited period, a maximum of two years, before they are licensed to practice medicine independently!

How to apply for PG medicine in Germany? 

You can apply for a specialisation only after getting licensed in Germany to practice medicine.

So licensing is the essential part of qualifying to apply for a specialisation programme or P G medicine programme in a German hospital.

The programme is all about how to qualify for a license. Once licensed, you have many hospitals to choose from according to your chosen medical specialisation. 

  • Speak with KCR CONSULTANTS’ counsellor to learn how to get a German state Grant to cover the programme’s cost.

By choosing our programme, you will get your professional qualifications assessed by the german state medical council much before you apply for a German visa. That means you will be sure about your eligibility to get ahead with your licensing and pursue P G Medicine or specialisation in Germany.


PG Medicine in Germany - KCR CONSULTAMNTS.

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