Is Migrating to Germany to Study Medicine Advisable and Beneficial?

Migrating to Germany to study medicine is advisable and beneficial as one will have all the opportunities to progress in their career one way or another.

One doesn’t need anybody’s recommendation to apply to a university, not to wait behind anyone; you need to work hard and qualify to compete with others.Ā 

You don’t need to be a part of the dirty run as Germany is fair and rational in all matters.

Not many people compete, and it’s just 1500-2000 in case of competition and not in millions as in the home country!

Migrating to study medicine in Germany is advisable as you will not lose anything but will only gain.Why migrating to Germany to study medicine is advisable?

Migrating to study medicine in Germany is advisable as you will not lose anything but will only gain.

One needs to pay to learn an international language of millions, also known as a scientific language, plus a medical foundation Year course, and nothing for a medical study.

You may also attend the foundation for free; no tuition fees are charged if you follow it in a state-funded studienkolleg!

The current law in Germany allows international students to work for a limited period of 120 full days or 240 half days per year, making Germany an affordable place to live and study.

Why migrating to Germany to study medicine is advisable and will only gain, not lose anything?

Migrating to Germany to study medicine is always gainful. Even if one finds it difficult to make it to medicine studies after the M Foundation year, they can choose another programme and move forward to achieve their career goal.Ā 

After 12-18 months of learning the German language and completing a foundation course, one will know the best alternative, if not medicine studies.Ā 

Germany is best known for biotechnology. Biomedicine is a sought after subject in Germany; Medical engineering puts one in the same line as the medical subject, and Biosystem is not anything different.

One can also study Physiotherapy or nursing in a German public university as a dual programme offered in association with teaching hospitals in Germany. Here one is not paying any tuition fees but earns a stipend/salary every month for their involvement in the workplace and job while getting trained by the experienced employees.

So what will one lose in migrating to Germany to study medicine?

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4 thoughts on “Is Migrating to Germany to Study Medicine Advisable and Beneficial?”

  1. Avatar of Shahid

    My name is Shaid Aziz.i am in Russia in second semester of mbbs/MD .Now I want to migrate to Germany.what is the procedure please

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      Dear Shahid,
      If you haveĀ the first two semesters passed mark sheets, you can migrate to Germany and learn German until you achieveĀ a better C1 level before applying for a medicine course.
      If you didn’t have the said two semesters’ marks, you should also attend a Medical Foundation year course after achievingĀ a C1 level in the German language.

  2. Avatar of Azam Khan

    Hello Dear My Name Is Azam Khan & I Am From Pakistan Currently I am Studying Medicine in Afghanistan. Now I am In 3rd Semester of Medicine Plz Sir Guide Me What Process will be To Migrate There In Medicine

    1. Avatar of KCR CONSULTANTS

      You can migrate to Germany and start learning German until you attain a proficiency/C1 Level to meet the language criteria. You may not be required to attend a foundation Year if you provide at least the first two semesters passed marks of the medical studies you are following in Afghanistan. If that makes any interest to you, please forward your qualifications to [email protected]

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