Why Germany for MBBS Abroad Aspirants from a Country like India?

Why Germany for MBBS abroad? Please read on.

Going abroad for medical studies, for many from India, is not an opportunity but helplessness!

Not many places available in India to study medicine are the single reason for this desperate run to wherever they can get admission to a medical course. Whether in Kirgistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, China, Ukraine, Georgia or the Caribbean Island countries, the ultimate aim is to get admitted to a medical college or university. 

Students from India migrate to other countries for medical studies even after knowing that 20-25% is the success rate of foreign-educated medical graduates in clearing the licensing exam back in India!

Nobody knows about the fate and future of the remaining 80%, nobody speaks about them, and nobody wants to know that. We keep going!

What is the significance of Germany for MBBS abroad aspirants from IndiaWhat is the significance of Germany for MBBS abroad aspirants from India?

Germany for MBBS abroad starts with learning the German language in Germany. 

The German language is not just a foreign language; instead, a language which makes one confident about career success. 

After achieving a particular level in German, the medical aspirant progresses to a medical foundation course known as the ‘M Course’. A one-year programme M Course foundation consists of additional German language and the primary subjects of the Medical degree course!

After completing the course, one can apply to all the universities where a medicine course (MBBS in many countries) is taught. 

Why Germany for MBBS abroad?

There are many reasons to recommend Germany for MBBS abroad. 

Germany has an acute shortage of health care professionals, including medical doctors, and the minimum salary of a doctor in Germany is 4500 EUR per month. 

Nowadays, Doctors from many other countries immigrate to Germany for postgraduate programmes known as specialisation in Germany. Specialising in their desired field of medicine is easy here due to the many places available, and not many compete for seats as we do in our country.

After completing MBBS in Germany, international students have two options for their career progression; 

Start practising as a general medical doctor or choose their desired field of medicine and proceed to specialise.

Those who are in a specialisation earn 5500 EUR per month!

Germany for MBBS abroad as the universities charge no tuition fees!

Most universities offer medical courses in Germany without charging any tuition fees. It is the same for postgraduate programmes or specialisations in Germany; German teaching hospitals don’t charge tuition fees. So why not Germany for MBBS abroad?

Germany for MBBS abroad as the universities charge no tuition fees!Germany for MBBS abroad, but what if one doesn’t get admission to a medical course after completing the M Course foundation?

There are many other opportunities one can choose from and proceed with after completing an M Course foundation in Germany.

For example, Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Biosystem, Medical Engineering, Physiotherapy, Nursing and many more! 

Here too, one can study without paying any tuition fees and progress in one’s career to better earning jobs and research studies to become a PhD holding Doctor.¬†

Germany is a country where one can do well in any other subject or profession, sometimes far better than being a medical doctor!

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