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Introduction РMasters in Automotive Engineering in Germany 

Germany’s top-notch R&D facilities, full industry value chain integration, and highly skilled workforce produce an unrivalled automotive environment globally.

In 2021, Germany produced 3.1 million passenger vehicles in Germany, the largest production location in Europe. Masters in Automotive Engineering in Germany - Know More


Why study automotive engineering master’s in Germany?

With around 25% of all passenger cars produced and about 20% of all new registrations, Germany is Europe’s biggest automotive market in production and sales.

Germany is the primary producer of luxury vehicles worldwide.

The range of businesses operating in the sector, including major and medium-sized auto manufacturers, system and module suppliers, and numerous small and medium-sized suppliers, makes the German auto industry so successful. 

Do I have to pay tuition fees for a master’s in automotive engineering Germany?

The speciality of studying in a German public university is that no tuition fees are required (free education in Germany) to pursue a master’s in automotive engineering in Germany. 

Duration of the automotive engineering master’s programme in Germany

A master’s course in automotive engineering in Germany is for three semesters. 

Is master’s in automotive engineering in Germany taught in English?

There is a German-taught as well as an English-taught programme that usually begins in the winter or the summer semester.

If you are choosing an English-taught programme, and are eligible for it, you don’t need to provide any German language test passed certificates for admission.¬†

You may need to provide evidence for German language skills in addition to the English test passed certificate if the programme is offered as Bi-lingual, taught in English and German.

The best suggestion is a German-taught programme; you can start learning German in your home country and continue learning in Germany or entirely in Germany. 

We recommend studying German in Germany, as their teachings are ideal, official, and highly beneficial in the future and in a complete German environment.  

Masters in Automotive Engineering in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTS

When can I apply for a master’s course in automotive engineering in Germany?

International students can apply for MS in Germany between December and march.

We suggest you start your German plan early, as the documentation process will take months. 

Automotive engineering in Germany master’s course structure

Students in this programme learn technology fundamentals and in-depth information about how passenger cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles were conceptualised and developed.

The course modules cover all significant research and development areas, including connected and automated driving, driver support systems, thermal management, chassis, body, and drivetrain. 

What is the cost of living while studying master’s in automotive engineering in Germany?

The accommodation cost is around 250 euros. Food and living expenses are between 150 to 200 euros. Overall, the total expenses are 450 to 500 euros for a month.

The prices will be higher if you decide to study in Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. The approximate amount will be between 800 to 1000 euros monthly. 

You can work a part-time job for 120 days while pursuing your course to meet your expenses and savings. 

Can I get a stipend while studying master’s in Germany in automotive engineering?

Unfortunately, you won’t get any stipend while you study masters in Germany!

There is another choice where you can receive a stipend every month while you study in Germany.

Ausbildung, an apprenticeship program, is offered by an employer alone or in association with a vocational school. Since the work placement and teaching of the programme are offered simultaneously, the trainees are paid a stipend every month for the entire duration of three years. 

You have various specialisation options in Ausbildung like Ausbildung electronics technician for automation technology in Germany, Ausbildung automotive clerk in Germany, Ausbildung electronics technician for automation and system technology in Germany, Ausbildung production mechanic in Germany, Ausbildung vehicle interior mechanic in Germany, Ausbildung mechatronics technician in Germany, Ausbildung process mechanic in Germany and more. 

Requirements for automotive engineering master’s in Germany

  • You must have a related bachelor‚Äôs field of study (like a B.E./B. Tech. in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, or mechatronics).
  • An updated CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • Transcripts (Consolidated mark sheet, all semesters mark sheet, degree certificate) of your bachelor‚Äôs course.
  • You can attach a work experience letter if you have one.
  • Passport
  • You may require to produce a German proficiency certificate (If you have one) or an English fluency certificate (If you do not belong to an English native-speaking country).¬†
  • Apart from these, if you have a motivational letter, recommendation letter, GATE score, or internship certificate, you can add those to enrich your profile.
  • If you need help with the letter of motivation for a master‚Äôs in automotive engineering in Germany, you can reach out to us.¬†

Job prospects after a master’s in automotive engineering in Germany

Once you study in Germany, your job designations include automotive quality engineer, automotive data engineer, process engineer manufacturing, quality engineer, CAD design engineer, application and manufacturing engineer, etc.,

Artificial intelligence, design and building planning, automation technology, electromobility, autonomous driving, renewable energies, and environmental protection are some of your professional specialities.

Some OEMs and suppliers where you can get recruited are Bosch, Audi, Schaeffler, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Thyssen Krupp, Porsche, Continental, Opel, etc., 


German OEM manufacturing accounts for 1 in 5 vehicles that leave an international assembly line.

If you want to know how to study for masters in Germany free, the answer is in the article above!

If you wish to know the list of universities in Germany for masters in automotive engineering or the public universities in Germany for masters in automotive engineering, you can directly call us. We can assist you in the process.  

Go one step closer to achieving your dream when you consult KCR CONSULTANTS! They will guide you with all the required prerequisites.



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