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Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany - Learn MoreIntroduction

Germany is home to world-famous mechanical and automobile companies such as Audi, Bosch, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Siemens, Porsche, Opel, Lufthansa, Bentley, Ford and more.

Germany needs professionals and has many vacancies in mechanical engineering to work for their renowned car brands. 

Duration of the mechanical engineering masters in Germany

Mechanical engineering masters in Germany is a two-year programme. Germany has around 300 public universities that offer plenty of courses free of cost. 

Requirements to study master’s mechanical engineering in Germany

  • You need a relevant bachelor‚Äôs degree (B.E/B. Tech in Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, production technology, and specialisations in robotics, manufacturing technology, mechatronics, CAD, automation technology, etc.) with excellent marks to study master‚Äôs in mechanical engineering in Germany.
  • If you plan to go for an English-taught course, you need an English proficiency certificate (if English is not your first language).
  • But it is better to study German to help you fulfil your goal, as German universities function primarily in German.¬†
  • German universities might ask for a motivational letter (ML). You can come to us if you don‚Äôt know how to write an ML letter. Experts in KCR CONSULTANTS will guide and advise you on how to write it.
  • Some universities may require recommendation letters.¬†

When will the mechanical engineering master’s course in Germany begin?

You have two options to enrol in a master’s course in mechanical engineering; summer and winter semesters. 

Am I qualified to get a stipend while I pursue a master’s in mechanical engineering in Germany?

You won‚Äôt receive any stipend if you pursue a mechanical engineering masters in Germany. Don’t lose heart!

You have another exciting option through an apprenticeship program called Ausbildung, where you will receive a monthly stipend.

You have many specialisations related to mechanical engineering in Ausbildung; Ausbildung plant mechanic in Germany, Ausbildung mechatronics technician in Germany, Ausbildung cutting machine operator in Germany, Ausbildung process mechanic in Germany, Ausbildung vehicle interior mechanic in Germany, Ausbildung vehicle mechatronics technician in Germany and more. 

Can I get a scholarship for a mechanical engineering master’s in Germany?

There is no need for a scholarship as you get to study mechanical engineering master’s in Germany for free.

You can study the entire duration of the master’s course with no tuition fees!

More than thousands of students apply for scholarships, but only very few avail. 

You can work for 120 full days with a minimum wage policy.

Instead of wasting time trying for those scholarships, we suggest you apply for tuition-free mechanical engineering master’s courses in Germany.

While pursuing your master’s course in Germany, you can do a part-time job to provide income to meet your basic needs in Germany.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTSWhat is the first step to pursuing a mechanical engineering master’s in Germany?

You need to discuss with experienced counsellors and understand the whole idea behind pursuing a master’s course in Germany.

You should check if you possess all the required documents and finances for that particular course.

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Documents required include

  • A recently updated CV (Curriculum Vitae)¬†
  • Work experience letter, if applicable/available
  • Degree certificate along with consolidated and all semesters mark sheet
  • Obviously, a passport.

If you possess all the above documents, you are qualified to apply! 

Is there a good scope after pursuing a master’s in mechanical engineering in Germany?

You should know that Germany is home to some of the world’s best mechanical and automobile industries.

Your designations include project manager, assistant manager, project engineer, team leader, research associate, academic assistant, etc. 

What is the programme structure for the mechanical engineering master’s in Germany?

You learn production management, control theory, combustion science, process engineering, mechatronics, cybernetics, automotive technology, product development and more exciting topics. 

Do I have to learn German to pursue a master’s in mechanical engineering in Germany?

Since Germany is a German-speaking country, it would be better if you learn the German language to enjoy the heritage and richness of the country.

German will not only help you with your academics, but it will also help you to go outside your university and enjoy the historical buildings, have heartfelt talks with the natives, tour Berlin and its beautiful beaches and adore the fantastic scenery.

If you want to enrol in an English-taught mechanical engineering master’s programme in Germany, it is possible.

Always remember that due to the limited availability of seats, it is pretty competitive to get one.

If you are sure that you have all the requirements for an English-taught programme, then we will be happy to help you through it. 


Germany will make you come alive as you enter a country with rich history and magnificence.

Contact KCR CONSULTANTS now! KCR’s experts are ready to guide you throughout the journey till you step into Germany!

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany - Learn More

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