Migrating to Europe 2022/23 Under the Skilled Immigration

Migrating to Europe 2022/23

Migrating to Europe 2022/23 is generally based on investment!

Here we refer to an opportunity to migrate to Europe through skilled immigration based on the shortage of qualified professionals in one European Union (EU) country. 

An opportunity to migrate to and stay in one EU country makes it easy to travel across the EU, visit and look for new opportunities and career progression. 

Migrating to Europe 2022/23 under the skilled immigration

Migrating to Europe 2022/23 as an IT professional or specialist.

IT professionals with bachelor’s and Master’s degree qualifications are under the shortage list. That means getting a job is not that difficult while you are in the country on a legal visa and permitted to look for a job and work.

After three years of stay and towards the completion of 5 years, people qualify to apply for a permanent resident permit. 

A permanent resident of any EU country can relocate, start looking for jobs or start a business anywhere in Europe except in a couple of countries.

Migrating to Europe - Occupation Shortage List-KCR CONSULTANTSMigrating to Europe 2022/23 occupation shortage list

Migrating to Europe 2022/23 has the list below for you to choose from according to your qualifications and work experience.

Computer Systems Analysts

ICT Systems Analyst

ICT Systems Consultant

ICT Systems Designer / Architect

Other ICT Systems Analysts

ICT Systems Development Specialist

Application Improvement and Development Specialist

IT Systems Software Development Specialist

Other ICT Systems Development Specialists

Web Application and Multimedia Designers

Web Architect

Multimedia Application, Animation, and Computer Games Designer

Web Development Specialist

Other Web Application and Multimedia Designers

Application Developers

Application Developer

Mobile Application Developer

Other Application Developers

Computer Systems Analysts and Developers not elsewhere classified

Health IT Specialist

Applied IT Specialist

Computer Software Tester

ICT Systems Tester

Speech Recognition Systems Specialist

Other Computer Systems Analysts and Developers not elsewhere 

Database Designers and Administrators

Database Administration

Database Analyst

Database Designer

Other Database Designers and Administrators

Computer Systems Administrators

Computer Systems Administrator

Integrated Management Systems Administrator

Other Computer Systems Administrators

Computer Networks Specialists

Computer Networks Analyst

Computer Systems and Networks Engineer

Other Computer Networks Specialists

Database and Computer Networks Specialists not elsewhere

Software Security Specialist

ICT Systems Security Specialist

Other Database and Computer Networks Specialists not elsewhere 

The above categories of IT professions are in the shortage category of skilled professionals. 

A non-EU citizen, while in this European Union country, can look for a job and settle down on a three-year residency permit. 

The most crucial factor is just migrating won't be enough; one should have a permit to work before looking for a job.-KCR COSULTANTSThe most crucial factor is just migrating won’t be enough; one should have a permit to work before looking for a job.¬†

Therefore it is wise to migrate on a national employment visa and work permit. 

Migrating to Europe 2022/23 takes three months. 

It takes more than 90 days to get all the documents and approval from the host country. 

Those with a couple of years of work experience in the relevant field and having a master’s degree will be an advantage in getting the necessary approval from the immigration at earliest.¬†

This article is not offering an employment or employment guarantee. The information is only applicable to those who look for an opportunity to migrate to a European Union country and look for an opportunity and settle down later.

If you are one of them, you may contact us for more information. 

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