Why You Should Consider an MS in Germany: The Complete Guide

If you are looking for a higher degree, then what about pursuing an MS in Germany? 

For those considering going back to college/university but have not yet decided on the type of degree they want or where they want it, this page is a comprehensive guide that will help you decide. 

We will cover why one should consider studying abroad, how this can benefit your career and academics, and which schools best suit your needs. 

If you think pursuing an MS in Germany is the right choice, always be informed before making any life-changing decisions. Please read on and get ready to discover why studying in Germany can be one of your best choices!

What is the benefit of pursuing an MS in Germany than other countries?

Germany is a perfect country to pursue an MS in Engineering, technology, medicine, health care, and you name it. Germany is a country of continued research. Germany wants to advance in many studies and technologies. 

By pursuing MS in Germany, one can prepare for a future research programme in their desired subject in one of the world-class institutions in the country. All that you can do without paying any tuition fees. 

While you are on an MS programme, you can earn and gain real work experience and exposure, which will help you for full-time employment or apply for a research programme later. 

German immigration is international student-friendly, straightforward and transparent. Once your MS studies are completed and working for two years in Germany, you can apply for your permanent residence permit if you like.

Germany is a member of the European Union and Schengen group. Once a permanent resident means you can relocate, start your business or work in any of the 27 member countries in the Schengen area.

Studying in the open air is useful and fun

Is MS in Germany free for international students?

Indeed, international students studying in Germany aren’t required to pay tuition fees in most public universities.¬†

All required is a ‚ā¨150-250 semester contribution to the student union.¬†

Students need to take care of their maintenance while they are in Germany. While applying for a student visa, international students need to provide evidence for funds to take care of themselves.

How much does it cost MS in Germany?

Even though there are no tuition fees charged in most German public universities, students need to have money to meet their cost of living. 

As per German immigration, for a decent stay, one must have¬†‚ā¨861 per month. It is true in big cities. Therefore German consulates ask for a blocked account confirmation for ‚ā¨10,332 (861X12 months) while applying for a visa.¬†

But those who stay in the 2nd or 3rd tier cities need only ‚ā¨400-500 per month.¬†

How much CGPA need for MS in Germany?

Let us first take a look at the academic requirements to study for an MS in Germany. 

Generally, German public universities accept applications from international students with at least a CGPA of 5.0.

But the international programmes, taught in English, are significantly less in number and therefore it is competitive. 

German universities say they follow a fair system in the admission process. That mainly depends on the GPA obtained in the bachelor of degree considered for the MS course admission. 

Here, since students worldwide apply to German universities to pursue their MS, especially in the medium of instruction of English, Universities will accept only three to four students from a country like India for a particular course. 

Here the GPA works; those three or four who have the highest GPA get admission!

Generally, GPA 8.0 onwards stand a better chance. But many with a CGPA of 8.5 did not get admission to English taught Mechanical Engineering course for an MS degree! 

But at the same time, a 5.0 GPA is good enough to apply for a German taught Mechanical Engineering course in any university in Germany!

Some programmes are not very competitive‚ÄĒthe number of application-wise, e.g., MS in Physics, Environmental Engineering, Etc. Hence, one can get admission with even a 6.5 and above GPA for such programmes taught in English.¬†

Getting admission for MS in Computer Science, taught in English, is possible with 6.5 CGPA in the bachelor of degree in Computer Science/I.T./Computer Application.

Employee is describing his work experience for the interviewer.

Is work experience necessary for MS in Germany?


Many German universities, especially in the most popular and sought-after programs, will require you to have some work experience before enrolling to support you through the various stages of your journey. 

Many programs will even require you to work daily, whether interning in a German office or spending one semester working in a German company and going to school part-time. 

This experience will allow you to connect with the local culture, communicate with people from different parts of the country, and learn first-hand the ins and outs of the government. 

MS in Germany prepares you for the future.

Which master’s degree is most in-demand in Germany?

The degree conferred after completing an MS in Germany is a Master’s degree. Mater of Engineering (ME), Master of Science (MSc.) Etc.¬†

Germany is a Bologna process signatory country and follows the international degree system, and the German degree is like any other European degree. 

German degrees are accepted worldwide by employers and universities, and other institutions. 

Which intake is better to pursue MS in Germany?

German higher education accepts students in two intakes, winter and summer. Winter is the main intake, and it’s generally in October.¬†

The summer intake is in April, and it is not very big; not all the programmes are available for students in this intake.

It is better to start preparing to apply much in advance, and almost all the universities will stop accepting new applications a couple of months before. 


One of Germany’s most prestigious graduate degrees is “MS” Students often choose to pursue. This degree helps for higher-level careers requiring mastery of research methods and techniques or a stepping stone into PhD programs.¬†

We covered how much it costs to apply for a visa, what CGPA is needed, and other information about MS in Germany.

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