MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification at RSU

MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification – “Business Establishment Executive”

From the 2022/23 academic year, MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification programme will be implemented as a literary master’s programme (4 semesters), offering three optional modules in the third semester:

1) Economic Modelling in Health Care

2) Digital Health

3) Entrepreneurship, Management and Administration of HC Organisation.

Upon completion, students will receive a Master of Social Sciences in Management and Administration.

The MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification trains experts with the highest qualifications to assume the responsibility of the formulation and analysis of the national health policy. 

The participants include state officials and directors of private institutions, experts in strategic financial and human resource development & implementation of the methods of healthcare economics and¬† the improvement of the healthcare system’s procedures.

The programme was created based on the latest research and developments in management and healthcare and is the sole study program of this type in Latvia and the Baltic States.

MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification  and the Methods and study environment 

Although the course of study, MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification, is usually conducted within groups, it is important to note that a significant portion of the study time is devoted to individual study under the guidance of and conformity with the directions from the professors. 

The study program is aimed at a rigorous reading of texts as well as practical assignments, and engaged and analytical involvement in discussions. 

Modern and sophisticated technological methods and aids to study such as IT software devices for video and audio interactive boards, an up-to-date library that has access to databases of scientific research across the globe are used to implement the requirements of the study program.

 In the MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification, there is frequent sharing of experiences with a long-term partner with RSU, the University of Greifswald (Germany).

Methods of study

Students of MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification are provided with in-depth information on health economics and management sciences and discover solutions for applying this knowledge to the health industry.

 The course gives the expertise and knowledge required to succeed in human and operational resources management within an organisation or company. 

Students are taught about the issues and opportunities involved in developing health policies to allow them to have a positive effect on patients and ensure access to services. 

An MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification student acquires leadership skills as well as the basic knowledge required to manage the health care industry or organisation, such as changes and project management. 

Students develop skills and abilities in collecting, processing and analysing quantitative and qualitative research data and are prepared to take part in the creation research, change and development of healthcare initiatives important to the nation and internationally.

The MSc in Health Management and Professional Qualification study process involves seminars, practical classes, group projects, case analysis and interactive discussions, individual tasks and guest lectures from health experts. 

Theoretical concepts and models are taught and learned using the practical methods in healthcare management, assignments, illustrations from the real world, analysis of health economics enterprise management and organisation, global health problems. 

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