MSc in International Governance and Diplomacy at RSU

MSc in International Governance and Diplomacy in RSU

The program prepares experts for international organisations, diplomatic corps, multinational companies and non-governmental organisations, and research institutes.

Academic Environment and Methods

Academic Environment

The program gives students the chance to learn about diverse aspects of international diplomacy and governance that teach students to think globally. 

Through their studies, students gain the skills to analyse and understand the future developments in the fields of diplomacy and international governance and form logical arguments both verbally and in written form.

The English medium course is taught by experts, including past and present diplomats.

Students will be taught different aspects of international governance, including small states within the global system, the development of international relations, with the focus on significant power, wars, and diplomacy; 

diplomatic and international law, global economics and trans-national concerns; 

the governance of the European Union; 

the foreign policy of the United States, the Peoples Chinese Republic, and other major powers and The Middle East; energy security and security governance, E-governance, and other topics.

Students in the third semester can apply for Erasmus+ exchange studies.

Academic Methods

The course structure and study schedules are workshops and lectures focusing on individual work.

Admissions Requirements

General eligibility criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or humanities
  • English language proficiency
  • Skype interview with the applicant

Opportunities for career advancement after completing studies

The graduates of this study program will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities to work for diplomatic corps, international organisations, multinational companies, Non-governmental organisations, research institutes.

Cost of the programme

Compared to the tuition fees charged for this kind of course in countries like the UK, the USA, and other similar countries, tuition fees and living costs are affordable to many.

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