Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC)- Test of Competence (ToC) 2021

NMC introduced the Test of Competition (ToC) in August 2021 for nurses and midwives and, later in January, made it available for nursing associates. 

The plan was to phase out the legacy ToC until 31 July 2022 to take their first attempt at the legacy OSCE. 

NMC has recognised now that employers and candidates have faced several difficulties over the last few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and decided to revise the transition plans and be more flexible. 

The change in the legacy test deadline and allowing candidates to sit the Test of Competence (ToC)

The NMC has announced that those with a valid Legacy CBT test result can take the new 2021 OSCE, as the deadline of 31 July 2002 is gone until we hear from them again. 

So, without taking the ToC 2021 CBT, one can sit the new OSCE test. Not necessary to worry about and rush to sit by July 2022, provided the CBT test result is not expired.

New OSCE tests require better preparation of the participants to pass the test, and they should familiarise themselves with the changes NMC has introduced. 

Preparation materials are available here.

Test of Competence (ToC) 2021 and standards and revalidations

Those who sit the Test of Competence (ToC) 2021 OSCE test with the legacy CBT will meet the pre-2018 professional standards

They will undergo their first revalidation and need to consider the 2021 standards and focus on the areas of difference.

Test of Competance (ToC) test centres in the UK

Those planning to sit the legacy or Test of Competence (ToC) 2021 OSCE test may choose to sit at;

The University of Northampton, 

Ulster University or 

Oxford Brookes University. 

Northumbria University and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust only provide the new Competence Test (ToC) 2021. 

nursing competency test

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