Is Study Abroad Practically Feasible?

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Study Abroad Disadvantages? 

Am I correct?

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It is evident that you’re making your study abroad dream a reality, but something just isn’t adding up. 

Study Abroad - KCR CONSULTANTSEvery individual does thorough research before making their mind up on whether to study abroad or not. 

If studying abroad seems like a cakewalk to you, it might also have a particular disadvantage. But what would a study abroad disadvantage? 

The most significant disadvantage of studying abroad would be the wrong choice of country or destination! (oh! No) 

That’s true; picking the wrong country could create a hassle for you. 

Bottom Line: Study abroad disadvantage could be abroad itself. 

It’s normal to get excited about the most spectacular parts of your study abroad experience as soon as you start making plans. 

Even though you’ll have some experiences straight out of a movie, having such lofty expectations can cloud your judgment of what lies ahead. 

Choosing a country to study in is the first step; picking a college or university is next. How

The following should be considered, which might act as a study abroad disadvantage for a particular country. 

1) The Language: You can’t expect to do well as a student studying abroad if you can’t communicate well.

Knowing the required degree of fluency might help you prepare for difficult communication situations. 

Do you offer classes in the native tongue? 

Do your instructors anticipate that you will have strong written and verbal communication skills? How well do you think you’ll get along with the locals and other students? 

Suppose you have chosen to Study in Germany, the UK, Canada, Georgia, Latvia, Poland, and Europe. 

It might be the right choice in terms of language, as these countries provide education in the English language too, which is an add-on. 

2) It’s Just You By Yourself: Some countries might seem different than you anticipated, and you are left all alone, which can be a disadvantage of studying abroad. 

Studying in the UK or choosing to study in Germany; can be a great option as some universities/programs have a volunteering organisation to keep you occupied. 

3) Expensive Affairs: The cost of studying in some countries abroad can be pretty high when you factor in airfare, tuition, housing, food, supplies, clothing, entertainment, transportation, and more. 

Suppose you are shuffling through some countries for affordable education. In that case, you might prefer to study in Germany or maybe study in Latvia, as you get free education in Germany and on top of that, you get vocational training in Germany as well. 

And my second suggestion would be to study in Latvia, as they have affordable education.

4) Worst Nightmare: A degree that is not recognised internationally 

More often than not, when we are excited about doing something big in life, we end up messing it up without even doing much research. 

Here I am talking about the wrong choice of country for your education; it can be a robust study abroad disadvantage. 


Not every country makes their degree internationally valid; some may be limited to their home country.

You have to look out for countries that provide a globally recognised degree. 

In my opinion, you can either study in the UK or study in Georgia as a degree from a university in Georgia or UK helps the students find employment in their own countries or elsewhere. 

Study Abroad Quotes - KCR CONSULTANTSBut what’s the catch, exactly? Will the Study Abroad disadvantage hover around like forever?

You’ve got some serious chops when studying in other countries. 

To an optimist like yourself, the glass is never less than the whole. The situation is not entirely comical, however. 

There are drawbacks to studying in a wrong foreign country. 

Games aside, some paperwork could involve all the legal and administrative hoopla. 

Even if you have to put in a little extra work in finding the right choice of a country, your dreams of either doing an MBBS in Europe or studying in Canada won’t go astray after all! 

There are various ways in which studying abroad will benefit you and your future. 

A graduate or professional degree will make you more marketable in the job market, graduate or professional school, or both. Still, self-promotion is only part of the picture. 

It’s a way to give your body new nutrients. 

When to study abroad is more important than why you should study abroad. 

It’s about whether to make your dreams loaded with advantages or study disadvantages abroad! 

Words of Wisdom: Study Abroad Disadvantages To be blunt, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Of course, studying abroad has pros and cons, but you should figure that out for yourself by going to the right university in the correct country. 

There are several ways in which an international education might change your life. 

Remember that you may not have the luxury to say “a plus!” to obligations and travel several months overseas after graduating and starting that big girl/boy job. 

If you can, do it now. Home is never more than a flight (or three) away. 

Okay, what do we do now regarding this Study Abroad Disadvantage thing? 

Here’s a little stuff to help you understand how to study abroad once you’ve seen some of the studies abroad disadvantages of making the wrong choice of place. 

It’s normal to require a few seconds to process the fact that you’ve decided to study abroad. That much, we’ll agree to. 

The first step is to get in touch with KCR CONSULTANTS for assistance. Do you have particular worries or questions? We are just a call away from clarifying your doubts!


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