Study in Germany for free for Indian Students

Is study in Germany for free for Indian students?

German public universities provide free education for German students. Still, they also offer study in Germany for free for Indian students. It is hard to understand as many are not provided free of cost education even in their home countries. Some other countries also offer free tuition but are limited to a few universities, in many cases in a couple of institutes. That too is based on merit or the financial background of parents who hails from a developing country, e.g., Italy! 

In Germany, almost three hundred public universities provide thousands of courses at zero tuition fees or study in Germany for free to virtually all qualifying applicants worldwide. In a particular state alone, the other fifty universities charge a minimum tuition fee of 1500 EUR per semester to study in Germany. 

Why is study in Germany for free for Indian students attractive?

Study in Germany for free for Indian students is attractive to millions of students in India who badly need financial assistance to support their studies. But no resources are available in the home country! The banks ask for immovable properties as security for a loan is a big huddle for many. Even if they approve a loan, that will generally be a partial amount of what the students require to pay colleges or universities. But one gets free education in Germany and does not necessarily pay any tuition fees to the university. It is an excellent opportunity for those from a country like India.

In addition to the free education in Germany for Indian students, one can even work while studying in Germany. Indian students can work for a limited period every year and earn enough to meet the cost of living. Germany is the economically strong nation in Europe, has robust industry, exports German cars, machinery, and many other products worldwide, and even imports heavily from other countries. Hence Germany has many jobs for international students and graduates if they are serious about working and earning to maintain themselves.

Is study in Germany for free for Indian students attractive

Is study in Germany for free for Indian students attractive only because the German universities don’t charge a tuition fee?¬†

Study in Germany for free for Indian students is attractive not only for tuition fees and free education but also for the quality of education. Germany, the country of ideas, is innovative in all fields. Its universities of applied sciences are best suited for those Indian students who are job-hungry as once graduated from an applied science university; they are ready for a job. No more training is required!

Germany’s technical universities prepare its students to be innovative, leading to many different career prospects. After a bachelor’s degree, many prefer a specialised Master’s after working a couple of years in the German industry. Those who graduate with a master’s degree from a technical university will have a strong base for their further career in research in their desired field of specialisation.¬†

Study in Germany for free for Indian students to become bilingual or multilingual

Study in Germany for free for Indian students is also attractive if one is interested in learning one or two foreign languages. Being in Germany is an excellent opportunity to learn German in the German environment. Study in Germany for Indian students generally starts with a German language course. The language course prepares them for a pleasant learning experience in their university studies later.

Study in Germany for free for Indian students to look for jobs

Study in Germany for free for Indian students to look for jobs, work, and apply for a PR after their studies.

Study in Germany for free for Indian students is a sought after pathway. It helps one get ready for jobs, look for a better employment opportunity, work, and apply for a permanent resident permit later. Qualifying for a career in Germany opens many opportunities for work and living in any European country.

As per the current immigration system in Germany, Indian students can look for a job after completing their studies. After graduating international students can apply for a work permit based on a job offer received from a registered employer in Germany. In case of more time is needed to find a job, one can choose the job seeker’s visa route to stay back for 18 months in Germany.¬†


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