Why to study in UK – The Simple Guide

Why to study in UK, and is the UK considered an attractive destination for higher studies among high school graduates in India?

The UK attracts over 30 million people to its vibrant culture, gentle countryside, and busy city life is the right answer to why to study in UK! About 1/3rd of this number accounts for students pursuing their higher education in the country. 4,85,645 international students were studying in the UK, which accounted for 20.7% of the total students study in the UK, according to the Higher Education Student Statistics (HESA), in 2018-2019. 

Of this number, Indian students make up for more than 52,000 of the total number of international students studying in the UK, second only to China with about 139,000 students. 

Why to study in UK? It’s worth it!

Apart from its rich culture and diverse, multicultural society, according to the HESA website, the UK has offered quality education for a long time. It houses universities dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. These universities offer high-quality education in business studies, Accounting and Finance, Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Law, Computer Science, Art and Design. So the answer to why to study in UK is; it’s worth it.

The wide range of opportunities and the multicultural environment contributes significantly to making the UK an attractive destination for higher studies among high school graduates. As the UK is home to people of various ethnicities and faiths, international students can broaden their perspectives while living with different people and cultures from diverse world regions. 

Why study in the UK for Indian students

Why to study in UK? Read on for more information!

Another major boon for why to study in UK is that international students have free access to healthcare with the help of the National Health Service (NHS). Students will be required to pay a small International Health Surcharge (IHS) to avail these health benefits.

While studying in the UK, international students also have the opportunity to travel and explore not only the whole of the UK but the whole of Europe as well! Students can travel to different places all while studying in the UK.

As per time away from campus in the country, international students can enjoy various rock climbing and deep-water soloing activities. Some may prefer visiting the rich countryside and traditional villages in the South of England or Northern Ireland. Since the Uk is an Island Nation, the coastline makes for an exciting visit to many. 

With the most advanced radio markets, the UK is home to one of the biggest music industries in the world. Due to the ethical diversity and wide range of genres, the UK is a delight to anyone interested in music. Students can attend various musical concerts held by renowned artists worldwide and catch a glimpse of the global music scene.

To conclude the article of why to study in UK; 

These are just a glimpse of what the UK has to offer which supports to find the answer to why to study in UK

boosting not just with opportunities but culture, sports, history, traditional architecture, various cuisines, stunning seaside, entertainment and of course, the world-class universities.

The UK is a country that is so royal, charming, and incredibly diverse. Students will not only increase their knowledge during their period of study. Still, they will also enjoy their time in this magnificent country.

Ensuring not only students receive a wonderful learning experience, but they will also be able to make use of all the benefits the country has to offer. With its credibility, a degree from the UK will surely help you succeed in the career of your choice. The reasons for choosing the UK as a preferred destination for your higher studies are endless. The UK, a land of unlimited opportunities, awaits you!

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