Study Medicine In Latvia

Study Medicine In Latvia 

Hey there! If you stumbled upon this page by typing ‘study MBBS in Europe’ or ‘Study MBBS in Latvia, you have come to the right page that would guide you and provide every inch of information you demand. 

Let’s assume that you are born into an Indian family who wants their kid to pursue either engineering or MBBS. Many students take the NEET exam and don’t get into one of India’s top medical schools. They desire to attend their favourite school, but it is difficult because of the limited number of seats available. 

MBBS in Europe for Indian Students While discussing casually the career prospects of a young child about to complete his 12th-grade school education in science subjects, the parent was saying doctors in India still have respect and recognition. He said it by referring to the child’s expression of interest in pursuing medicine in the USA! He said he managed to convince his son and added, otherwise, for whom I earned all these things here! So being a Doctor in India helps to have better job opportunities and serve the needy and is a prestigious profession! That’s why, maybe, while most of those who study abroad look for an opportunity to work and settle in the host country, medical graduates return to their homes immediately after the course is completed! Thousands of high school leavers who aspire to study medicine leave for foreign countries by choosing the countries that offer a place to study medicine at an affordable cost of studies and living. The top destinations for Indian high school leavers for medical studies abroad were China, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Russia. Medical education consultants also promote countries like Kirgistan, Kazakistan, Moldova, Georgia and many other similar countries. Why MBBS in Europe for Indian students But all-know universities in Europe offer better medical education, and the world recognises European medical degrees. What are the entry requirements for MBBS in Europe? Is an entrance examination mandatory for Study Medicine in Europe? Any interviews? There are many questions and apprehensions, and all about the entry criteria! Why? Because, NEET, the word alone haunted 12th-grade science students even while in the school during the whole year and continued till they heard test result! Therefore, preparing for and sitting the entrance examination of foreign universities and countries may not be what they are looking for to get admission to a European university. We have a solution to their problems which is strongly suggested to anybody with a similar idea of getting admitted to a world-class university in Europe but not through the entrance exams/tests/interviews etc. At the same time, without compromising the quality of education and become doctors of international status. Riga Stradins university (RSU) in Latvia is a Government university offering a 6-year medical course which is nothing less than world-class. RSU is in the capital city of the country, Riga. Latvia is in Europe not just geographically but also in the European Union and is a Schengen member. Note: To know more about MBBS in Latvia to Study Medicine in Latvia Schengen member countries maintain a borderless European area where one can travel freely- no more visas are required to visit and stay for a short period in any of the 28 member countries at any point in time. All the European Union countries accept and recognise the degrees and other qualifications issued by a recognised university of any member country - that means once graduated from RSU, one can qualify to register and practice as a doctor in any of the EU countries as they desire. MD (medical doctor) degree of the RSU is accepted in the UK and Ireland as equal to their MBBS. That means the medical graduate of RSU have an opportunity to practice medicine in the UK and Ireland if they want. The course costs 12,000€ per year, and another 6000€ will be required to meet the cost of living. Who will qualify to apply for MBBS in RSU Those who studied a Maths-Bio subject group and obtained at least 65% overall marks will qualify to apply. The course is taught in English; IELTS is still not mandatory if you studied your higher secondary school education in English. At last, the best part is that RSU has two intakes in a year; February and September! As per the current situation in India this year, 2022, a February intake makes much sense! We need scanned copies of your 12th and 10th-grade school certificates, passport and CV/Bio-data. The university shortlists and selects students and confirms how fast and prompt responses they receive from the student applicant. KCR CONSULTANTS can assist you in every admissions and visa process step. We also help our customer student applicants to arrange for the necessary post-arrival services to make their life easy while arriving and settling down to start their studies.As a result, it has increased medical school enrollments from students seeking training in nations other than the United States. Because of the cost-effectiveness of MBBS degrees in certain European nations, some students are considering moving there. 

Students flock to study MBBS in Europe because of their cutting-edge facilities and top-notch faculty. Find all the information here if you want to pursue an MBBS in Europe. 

Since you’ve decided to study MBBS in Europe, let’s examine its range: 

Studying MBBS in Europe is far less expensive than doing so at a private Indian university. English is the primary language of instruction at most European colleges. Indian students can save money in foreign language classes. 

For MBBS students in Europe, housing is readily available and reasonably priced, especially in the vicinity of university campuses. 

Acknowledged Degree The MCI and international organisations such as the WHO and UNESCO acknowledge degrees received after medical school in Europe. Indian medical students can work practically anywhere in the world. 

Great Infrastructure Public and private European colleges are famed for their state-of-the-art infrastructure, which includes everything from beautiful architecture to cutting-edge science labs. 

You can find European customs and civilisations throughout the continent. Students from India can see Europe’s most beautiful cities and learn about the rest of the globe.

Other advantages include the ease with which it is possible to gain admission to European medical schools. Indian students can take advantage of several European research and employment opportunities after completing their MBBS. 

Many prospective medical students are willing to Study Medicine in Latvia, a country in Europe that is currently attracting everyone’s attention. 

Study Medicine In Latvia? A Bane Or Boon? 

One of Europe’s hidden treasures for higher education, Latvia is a great destination for students and tourists, thanks to its hospitable cities and stunning coastline. 

Latvia is a nexus between East and West as a country on the Baltic Sea. It is home to a diverse population that speaks various languages, including Latvian, German, and English. 

As the capital and largest city, Riga houses most of Latvia’s colleges and institutions. There are more international students at Riga Stradins University than at any other university in Latvia. They make up a quarter of all students from more than 50 nations. 

Latvia has become a popular choice for those pursuing a medical career. The University of Latvia and Riga Stradins University should be on students’ minds. Both are medical educators in Riga’s capital, and you can study medicine in Latvia in English as well; Riga Stradins University also offers a handful of courses in English. 

Why Choose to Study Medicine in Latvia? 

  • Latvia is a modern nation that is rapidly modernising. 
  • In the most developed economies in the world, where education is considerably more than just lectures, it comes in at number 39. 
  • The ECTS credit system, used by universities in Latvia, facilitates the transfer of credits internationally.’
  • You will earn a diploma that is respected worldwide once you graduate. ● A top-notch educational system has been built over many years of practice. ● You get to study from the best and access clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and libraries. 
  • Graduates may apply for residency and postgraduate training programs at academic medical centres worldwide. 

Riga Stradins university (RSU) in Latvia is a Government university offering a 6-year medical course which is nothing less than world-classStudy MBBS In Latvia- Fees?


DENTAL – € 14000


Regarding tuition and living expenditures, Latvia is squarely in the middle. European Union and Schengen Area membership indicate a higher standard of living. However, the cost of living in Latvia is much lower than in Western Europe. 

Study Medicine in Latvia in English 

In the Latvian city of Riga, Riga Stradins University (RSU) was established in 1950. The university currently has five colleges of medical sciences that offer English-language courses. 

The university is ranked among the top 1000 universities worldwide and the top 500 universities in Europe. This university draws international students from countries like Germany, Sweden, Finland, and Norway because of its high-quality education. 

Riga Stradins University medicine fees for pharmacy, dentistry, and medicine in English. 

The cost of the six-year medical program is €12,000 each year. Pharmacy and dentistry programs both last five years.

The cost of the dental program is €15,000 for the last two years and €14,000 for the first two. For the first two years, the pharmacy fee is €8,000; for the final three years, it is €9,000. 

You need not be concerned about Riga Stradins University’s medicine entry requirements. You need high school graduation and at least two chemistry, biology, and math semesters to qualify for this program! English language certification is essential for non-native English speakers. 

On the contrary, studying medicine in Latvia can evoke images of cosy northern living. The pioneering work of Latvian physicians in peripheral nerve injury, blood transfusion, and cancer treatment make the country’s medical history appear remote at first glance. 

Riga’s universities continue Pauls Stradin’s legacy of revolutionary research into the eradication of endarteritis, which he conducted more than a century ago. Furthermore, medical councils around the world recognise their diplomas. 

There are many reasons not just to come, but to stay and study, with the singing locals and the beautiful surroundings. 

Are you planning to relocate and give your study medicine in Latvia wings? Hop On!

Let KCR CONSULTANTS know about your dream, and they will make it happen!

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