University of South Wales Fees for International Students

University of South Wales Fees for International Students

The University of South Wales Fees for Postgraduate studies are approximately 14,000-15,000 Pounds!

USW is among the ten most prominent universities in the UK.

Study in University of South Wales - KCR CONSULTANTSKCR CONSULTANTS serves new international student applicants by providing A-Z services from; preliminary assessment of the applicant’s qualifications, assisting in choosing an ideal programme, applying for admission, getting them ready for the KIRA interview and providing guidance for visa application submission and post-arrival services.¬†

University of South Wales Fees for postgraduate courses and international scholarships

All international students qualify for a scholarship of 2000-2500 every year. Since the postgraduate course at usw is for one year, students must pay one-year period fees less the scholarship amount mentioned in the offer of admission letter.

MBA Global or Legal Practice Course LLM costs £15,500 before scholarship.

MBA, MA, MSc, LLM in Business, Creative Industries or Law costs £14,500 before a scholarship.

MA, MSc in Computing, Engineering, Sciences or Education costs £14,700 before scholarship.

Research degrees like PhD costs £15,500 before scholarship and 

DBA, £14,500.

Students need to pay 50% of the tuition fees once accepted, and an unconditional letter offer is received after completing a KIRA interview.

Students who get their visa approved should pay the remaining tuition fees on or before enrolment. 

Showing evidence of funds in position to pay the entire tuition fees and meet the cost of living for the first nine months are very crucial for visa approval. 

The money should be 28 days old in the student’s or their parent’s bank account while applying for the visa. It could also be a fixed deposit account.

In the case of an education loan, the approval letter should be issued within six months while lodging the visa application.

Please make sure you complete the admission procedures and apply for a visa at least two months before your planned arrival date in the UK.

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