How to study in Germany for free after 12th?

How to study in Germany for free after 12th? 

Do you want to study in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTSCan I study in Germany for free after 12th

You are probably a 12th-grade passed student searching the internet to find out if it is possible to get free education anywhere in the world. 

If you haven’t yet reached 12th or graduated from 12th a while back, you are most welcome to this site. 

Please take some time and keep reading what I say as this could completely transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Let me first tell you something interesting.

Eligibility to study in Germany for free after 12th 

A 12th-grade pass under the State Board or CBSE curriculum is the only qualification required to get into a university in Germany. 

You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in Germany if you have cleared your 12th.

A 12th grade completed successfully with no backlogs makes the application perfect! 

Germany follows a 13-year education system before getting into a university for further studies.

Since the Indian school education system has only 12 grades of study, you will be required to attend a foundation course to qualify along with German’s qualification criteria.

The 12th-grade pass under the national or state board is a national school qualification and not considered an international school qualification in Germany.

Studienkolleg–The place to start studying in Germany for free after 12th 

You need to take a foundation course at a studienkolleg if you hold a national school qualification and are accepted conditionally to a university degree course in Germany!

This may sound a bit strange to you. So, let me break down these terms for you. 

The official Studienkolleg website states, “The Studienkollegs serve as a “bridge” to assist you in acclimating to the German academic culture from that of your home country. They provide courses for overseas university candidates to achieve this. The lecturers at the Studienkollegs are “bridge builders” and will collaborate with you”. 

In simple words, it is a programme that helps the students get accustomed to German culture so they can easily understand their concepts during their course of study. 

Studienkollegs offer foundation courses and preparatory courses. 

The foundation course usually extends to a year (two semesters), whereas the preparatory course is 8-9 months long. 

Preparatory programmes primarily teach the German language to achieve a proficiency level.

The course can either shorten or extend depending on your level of achievement. 

Germany has 16 states, and every state has a public-funded studienkolleg where the student can join a foundation course - KCR CONSULTANTSFoundation Course–First step to study in Germany for free after 12th 

Since they teach the foundation course in German, the student must have a B2 level in German to apply and follow the foundation course (at least a B1 level sometimes). 

If you do not know the German language, you can enrol in an intensive German course for six months in Germany until you attain B2-level language skills. 

With a better B2 level German, you can apply, sit the entrance exam at a state-funded studienkolleg for free, a foundation course offered free of cost – no tuition fees charged! 

On completing the foundation course at the studienkolleg and passing the final exam of the foundation course, FSP, you will be considered eligible to pursue your university degree course for which they have already admitted you or in your preferred subject in a German university. 

If you have clarifications regarding the studienkolleg or the foundation course, please contact KCR CONSULTANTS

They will smoothly guide you. 


Please read our article about How to study in Germany for free to get a good idea of free education in Germany.


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        Hi, i have passed 10+2 in non medical science stream with 74% marks in 2023, i want to do degree in nautical science in bachelor of science from Germany with free tuition fees. How I can enroll for same

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