How to Study in Germany Free in a Public University?

How to Study in Germany Free in a Public University? 

Did you notice any grammatical errors on the topic above? 

You just reread the sentence! Didn’t you? 

Let’s get into the topic now. Gear up! 

Germany is home to almost three hundred and fifty public universities! 

Do you want to study in Germany - KCR CONSULTANTSWhy does a public university have a massive significance in Germany? 

The answer is simple. Public Universities in Germany offer free education for European and non-European international students. Thus, Germany keeps its education open to all and quality high in public universities. 

Does Germany allow students to study free in public universities? 

Germany never compromises with their educational quality. They maintain very high standards when it comes to education. 

Public universities in Germany have enlightened the world through their free education. 

So, the answer to that question is a big YES! Germany does allow students to study free in a public university. There are so many advantages of studying in Germany

Regardless of your nationality or gender, you can apply for free education in Germany. 

Young people from many countries, including India, know the difficulty of getting admitted for quality education offered at a few universities and institutions! 

Private schools have increased with increased tuition fees.

Quality of education in most public schools in these countries sunk deep and low. 

What is the alternative in this situation where parents are not financially stable enough to afford a better education for their children?  

Scholarships may be an option! 

Why aren’t they able to receive scholarships? 

The current trend has changed the meaning of scholarship. Scholarships are for those who are talented and hardworking but financially unstable to meet their educational expenses. 

Governments and other public institutions should come forward and offer scholarships based on the family income for accessing quality education.  It might sound complicated and tedious in your home country. Applying for a scholarship and getting it approved will take time and effort. 

How to Study in Germany Free in a Public University? -KCR CONSULTANTSAre public universities in Germany free? 

Yes! You can study in Germany free for Indian students! 

Germany has made it easy for international students to get a good education without worrying about the extra expenses they might incur during their stay. 

You should note that only the tuition fee is free. You will still have to pay for your accommodation and food.

Why don’t we go on an imaginary trip?  

Let’s say that there is a hardworking student who has always dreamt of becoming a successful person in the future.

The guy exerts much effort and time and gets excellent marks in the 12th public exam.

Now the search for a good college is on.

He searches everywhere but cannot find a university that will suit him.

Either the college does not have good facilities and infrastructure, or the university asks for more money to get a seat in their reputable institution.

It crushes the student like a sandwich, not knowing what to do.

He settles for a degree for the namesake in any university where he can get admitted, and all his dreams fade away. 

Where is the problem? The student or the university? 

Both will have their perspectives when it comes up to a heated debate.

Just put yourself in that imaginary guy’s place and think for a moment.

Life isn’t fair, isn’t it?

What if I say I have the best answer to all the above questions, which are feasible and significant? 

Trust me for a moment and keep reading, my friend. 

Free education in Germany for free is the solution to all the questions.

You will require a foundation course to be eligible for free education in Germany for Indian students.  

They provide the best education at their world-class universities, free of cost! Did you know that Germany most recommended country for higher education?

If you found the error in the last sentence, you are still reading! Keep it up! 

How do I apply to study in Germany free in Public universities? 

You need to apply through the official German university application portal. 

It can be tedious, as many details will be required. 

Don’t worry. KCR CONSULTANTS will answer the question of how to get free education in Germany for Indian students and help you from the first till you step into the university.


I can see that you don’t have an idea to apply after learning the German language or before that? 

Is German language knowledge mandatory to study in Germany?

Is the course taught in German?

Can I learn German in Germany while attending a university degree course, or should I learn German before I start following a university course?

How to get both the admissions together, and what’s the maximum time I get to learn German and become proficient at meeting the admission condition of the university? 

KCR CONSULTANTS is the one-stop you need to make for answers to all the above questions. 

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